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Who Rules YOU?

10 Feb

I’m not talking about a person here … I’m talking about a planet 😉 Nobody should ever rule over us – as we should always operate as our own boss.  However – from a planetary standpoint we can all gain a bit of insight by finding the planet that means the most in our lives.

One of the most interesting things we can look at in our astrological makeup – is the planet that rules over us.  This is the most important planet in your chart and the one that we most often refer to as “your ruler.”

Now your ruler is not to be confused with your “Sun Sign” or the sign your Sun was living in when you were born. I know it can be a bit confusing but let me try to simplify it for you … as I’m a girl who can appreciate an easy explanation!

I always think of our ruling planet as the king living within us.  He or she (planets can be both masculine & feminine) is the boss that reigns over everything.  The combinations it makes as well as the house he/she resides is also key in looking at things.

From a predictive standpoint – and I know most of us love to hear about our future – any time your ruler is touched off  it will be significant in your life.  Eventful periods typically come about when the “head honcho” of our chart is sparked.

Interested in finding out who your ruler is?  What you’ll need to do is find out what your Rising Sign is.  In order to do that you’ll need your date of birth, exact birth time & location of where you came into this world.  There’s a ton of free chart generators on-line that you can use for free in order to find this out if you don’t know.

So once you find out your Rising Sign you can use this handy quick reference to determine who your ruler is:

Aries: Mars

Taurus: Venus (Taurus & Libra have the same ruling planet)

Gemini: Mercury (Gemini & Virgo have the same ruling planet)

Cancer: The Moon

Leo: The Sun

Virgo: Mercury (Gemini & Virgo have the same ruling planet)

Libra: Venus (Taurus & Libra have the same ruling planet)

Scorpio: Pluto

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Capricorn: Saturn

Aquarius: Uranus

Pisces: Neptune

Each of these planets embody the characteristics of the sign they rule over.  Now in your life, your ruling planet describes a lot about you and what makes you tick.  It’s a lot of fun to find out which planet means most in your life.  When you find them it’s similar to meeting an old friend or soul mate … one that knows you very well and one that you know will be around you for life. They are with you through all your ups and downs, cry with you when you’re sad and cheer with you when you’re happy.  The both of you see things the same way and understand each other completely.

Of course there may be some pet peeves you have with each other.  However, as time goes on you learn to accept them for who they are – both  their good & challenging sides 😉 I know we’ll all have some issues with our ruling planet … nobody’s perfect right …. not even a planet 😉  But for the most part you ride through life together mustering through the challenges and soaking up the joys of life that eventually find all of us.

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