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Your Sign – With A Twist!

12 Apr
Reinventing Your Sign A Bit

When most people think of their sign, they think of one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.  But if you think about it – how could EVERYONE out there be able to fall into just one of the twelve different categories or signs.  It’s just too limited and if you’ve read your “Sunscope” or horoscope for your Sun sign then you know that it’s not entirely accurate.

So I’ve been thinking about reinventing our signs a bit.  In my opinion there should be 144 signs!  YES that’s right – one hundred and forty four and I’ll tell you how I came up with that.  I think we should include our rising or ascendant sign with our sign and there are  144 different Sun/Ascendant combinations. 

We should come up with cool names for our new sign name – sort of like the way the media calls Tom and Katie Cruise – TomKat.  If you’re confused, I’ll give you my combination as an example.  I’m a Pisces and my Rising Sign is in Capricorn – so I’m a PisCap.  That actually sounds kind of funny so perhaps I’ll adjust it to a PiscesCap.  I think that sounds much better 😉

Remember for each sign there are 12 possible rising signs. 

Here’s Aries as an example:

Aries – Aries (side note: we call this a DOUBLE Aries in Astrology – there are some people out there that have the same sign for both their Sun and Ascendant)
Aries – Taurus (Ari-Taur)
Aries – Gemini (Ari-Gem)
Aries – Cancer (Ari-Can)
Aries – Leo (Ari-Leo)
Aries – Virgo (Ari-Virg)
Aries – Libra (Ari-Lib)
Aries – Scorpio (Ari-Scorp)
Aries – Sagittarius (Ari-Sag)
Aries-Capricorn (Ari-Cap)
Aries-Aquarius (Ari-Aqua)
Aries-Pisces (Ari-Pisces)

 We could go on an on and do the same thing for the next 11 signs – but I’ll spare you the details since I know you get my planetary point 😉  The bottom line is that we deserve more and I think it’s a bit unfair to group everybody into just 12 categories!  Perhaps one day we’ll get there ….. an astrologer can dream after all!

PS.  if you do like to read your daily horoscope a wise person once shared to me that reading your Ascendant sign is more accurate than your Sun sign 🙂 

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