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Astrological Prejudices

6 Apr

A person’s Astrological Chart is a very complex thing.  An Astrologer can look at anyone’s chart and gather clues about certain personality traits a person might have – however they can not tell you with 100% certainty which way certain energies will play out.  They also have to make sure to look at the entire picture and not draw biases too quickly.

Some of our charts have certain complexities within them.  For instance – some of us are more prone to heartache and heartbreak while others live a life of harmony within their relationships.  Others suffer on the financial front – yet end up being rewarded in other ways.  Whatever the case ends up being – we’ve all got challenge somewhere and our charts can reveal where we are more prone to suffer.  The question is – would you decide to stay away from certain people just because they’ve got a few squares (a square in Astrology is a challenging combination)?

I think the answer should be NO.  Looking at someone’s chart and forming a prejudice against them because of certain combinations is not something I’m a fan of.  Maybe I’m too much of an optimist – but I believe that we all have the ability to overcome challenge in our charts. I also have seen first hand that various planetary combinations have a funny way of manifesting in so many different ways.  Challenges in our charts should NOT doom us and I’m against anyone who thinks this to be the case.  I’ve actually found that challenging charts – make some of the most dynamic and wonderful people.

I don’t see the harm in looking at anyone’s chart – but it’s important to remember to be open to all the possibilities in looking at it.  Just because they suffer from one pitfall in one area – doesn’t mean they are doomed forever or don’t deserve a chance.  For every weakness that comes into play – we have something we excel in.  We can’t forget that some of the most challenging charts make some of the MOST successful people.

An example of this would be looking at a person’s chart on a job interview.  I myself have Neptune squaring my Sun and a slew of planets in Pisces.  I often think if someone were to see this in my chart on a job interview – they might think I’m a laxidasical worker – fluttering in an out of a dreamy state LOL 😉  I will tell you that I’ve encountered plenty of the Neptune square Sun laxidasical types.  I often think if I were to have seen their chart prior to their employment would I advise hiring them because of this pitfall?  Part of me says – stay away but then the other (SMARTER) part knows better!

For me personally, even though I’ve got a dreamy part of me (and this part of me is the one that is into Astrology) there’s also another side that includes a ton of other grounding energy in my chart.  This makes me a hard worker as well as very dedicated.  However, if an open person were not looking at this they might toss my resume aside and miss out on the chance to hire a top performer.

You can also look at the same scenerio when it comes to personal relationships.  Should you stay away from someone who’s got Saturn squaring their Venus where traditional astrology says that heartache in relationships is inevitable?  Of course there’s a risk you’ll get your heart broken – but sometimes the biggest risks reap the biggest rewards.

Life is a slippery slope and no one knows all the answers but we’re all destined to go through certain things – regardless if you try to prevent them from happening.  You can run but when it comes to your destiny – but the fact of the matter is that you can’t hide 😉

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