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Throwing Tarot Into the Mix!

29 Jun

A lot of Astrologers use a deck of Tarot cards to compliment their readings.  I really haven’t done this since I believe Astrology and the movements of the planets to be much more concrete or decisive in finding answers.  Astrology is a true picture language and while it’s not actually classified as a science most people who use it in their lives or know about can see how it works.  Perhaps I’m biased in saying that but I know many people, who are not astrologers, who believe in it 🙂 

Now reading Tarot cards on the other hand is not really a science in anyway.  Being able to read them is more of a psychic or intuitive type thing.  I can’t lie … you definitely need some intuition to help you along in Astrology but there really isn’t a “set of rules” with Tarot as there is with reading the planets. That being said I decided to take out my old deck of Tarot cards and give reading them a whirl since I was having a hard time reading my own chart. 

Ironically it’s much more difficult for me to read my own chart.  I do much better with total strangers!  My damn feelings always get in the way …. it’s all this Pisces I have in my chart!  Anyway – I used to read the cards a lot in college but haven’t for a very long time but was pushed to do it since I was desperate for an answer. 

The deck I have is pretty old … which gives the cards more meaning to me.  My Mom gave them to my Dad when they got married …and they have been married for over 34 years!  The neat thing about the Tarot is that it is very much picture oriented – just like Astrology and you can gather clues for your particular situation in looking at the pictures.  

I did a quick three card spread which shows your “Past, Present & Future” and it was dead on for the past and present!  I’ll have to let you know if the “future” part plays out as it says it will.  But the funny part is that I was being impatient and with Tarot cards you can always ask another question on top of your original one and pull out a new card.  So I did this about two more times and finally on the last draw the symbolism for the card drawn was to “be patient” and not rush things!!  I thought it was funny because here I am being IMPATIENT and the cards were telling me to slow it down sort of like a wise old woman giving me some advice. 

So I gotta say there is definitely something to them and perhaps I may throw them into the mix a little more now 😉  Watch out planets … there’s a new girl in town and her name is TAROT!

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