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Pluto & Pandora’s Box

4 Aug

A Looksy Inside Pandora's Box http://www.crystalbastrology.com

Astrology is very much connected to mythology and the planets have a lot of connections with all of the stories about the Gods.  In one of the Greek myths, there’s the story about a woman named Pandora and I thought about her as I was pondering Pluto and how he affects each of us.  

To make a long story short, Pandora lived in a worry problem free world and unfortunately gave into temptation – as we all do from time to time! One day, Zeus her father and the king of all the Gods, gave Pandora a special box with a lock on it and told her NEVER to open it.  He gave the key to her husband to safeguard and also told him not to open it.  Of course Pandora was full of curiosity and curiosity always gets the best of us – unfortunately!   She had a hard time being an obediant daughter and after a while temptation overcame her!  As we all know temptations are very hard to escape sometimes. 

One night, when her husband was sleeping she stole the key that Zeus gave him and opened the box.  When Pandora opened the box all of these ugly bugs flew out – which turned out to be all of the ugliness of the world like hate, envy and sickness.  She quickly closed the box but it was too late 😦  All of the harsh things about our world were released. 

Pluto is very much like Pandora’s box and wherever he is in our charts lies all our worries, ugliness and fears.  He can take us down to the depths of the lowest of the low in whatever area of our life he destroys. 

There is a positive twist to all of this though – see Pandora opened the box one last time to show her husband what had come out and when she did – a beautiful butterfly emerged.  In the myth, the butterfly represents hope so with all the bad that came out we were granted hope along with it. This paradox is similar to the energy of Pluto – for wherever he takes us down – he has the ability to rise us back up and restore all that was lost. 

The rebuild of what was lost is never easy but it is possible and when it happens the final result is usually a lot more solid then what was there before.  So the key to Pluto is to keep your hope through the destruction and if you do he’ll rise you back up to something greater than before.

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