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Tapping Into Your Mars To Grab Twenty Seconds of Courage

30 May

twenty seconds I’ve been thinking about courage lately – since we all need to tap into it every once and again to grab things we’re trying to get.  We’re all trying to acheive something at some point or another.   Love, career, money and family are just a few of the “things” we’re after and the list can go on an on.  In order to achieve or “grab” anything – though – takes a little and sometimes a lot of courage.

One of my favorite quotes of all times is from the movie, “We Bought a Zoo.”  If you haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet – I highly recommend it.  It’s a great – heart moving story about a family picking up the pieces after their beloved wife and mother dies.

The moving scene begins when you hear Matt Damon’s character love-struck teenage son say “You embarras yourself if you say something and then you embarras yourself if you don’t” as he talks about his love woes and trying to get a girl to like him.  Matt Damon’s character listens and quietly laughs knowing all too well the difficulties of approaching people – particularly when it comes to romantic encounters.

He gives his son some of the best advice and says  “All you need is twenty seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come out of it.”    Could the answer be this simple for anybody trying to tap into their courage and go for something?  Do you really need only 20 seconds to go for the gusto and let the chips fall as they may?

The answer is probably yes – however arriving there is not that easy.  Astrologically speaking, our courage lives where our Mars is placed.  Mars is the planet that allows us to act and do things.  Depending on how our Mars operates in our charts – depends on how we act with other people and go for those things we’re trying to grab.

If our Mars is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo & Saggittarius) we don’t need any coaxing to go for the gold – we’re just going to GO for it.  Fire just jumps in and deals with the repurcussions later.  On the other hand if your Mars is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) we act in the exact opposite way.  We tend to hold back – think waayyyyy to much about acting and worry about the consequences.

Now if your Mars is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) you’re acting on intellect and logic.  They can easily put emotion out of the equation and sometimes that works (and sometimes it doesn’t) when it comes to delivery.  Lastly, if your Mars is in a earthy sign (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) you likely have a very systematic approach.  You’re patient and can wait for the right time to act – sometimes it takes you a little toooooo long though.

I think there are pros and cons to every placement – although I’ll admit there are some placements that are stellar and others that really make life challenging for a person.  Wherever your Mars lives, however, shouldn’t hold you back.  I think as many of us move foward and pick up the pieces of some of the wreckage these planets created for us – we need to tap in our Mars.  If twenty seconds is all it takes – I think we can all try it and see if something great does indeed come out of it 😉

I’d like to include a link to the scene that started me on this thought in the first place.  Click on the below to check it out for yourself.  Maybe Matt Damon’s character had his Mars in fire or maybe not.   Fire would be the easy answer – but sometimes the answers are not so obvious.  The truth is – his Mars could be placed anywhere – but he likely gained his wisdom through past experiences (and obviously trial and error) to come to his conclusions.  So not matter what or where our Mars is – we can all grab our twenty seconds and go for it!



Getting to Know Your Planets

17 May

hello-my-name-is1Astrology will always begin … and end …. with the planets.  They are the entitities that create forces in our lives and ultimately help to make things happen.  Since I’m a visual person, I’ve always thought of the planets as people.

I have characters in my head about how each of them operates.  Just like people – they have both good and bad characteristics.  They each have a purpose and work their “magic” a little differently in each of our charts.

Just for fun …. and perhaps because I’m in a “Gemini Mood” given that a lot of the planets are moving into Gemini or gearing up to get there …. I decided to help all of you get to know my “very good friends.”  For those of you that don’t know, Gemini is the talking sign and the one that likes to get social and mingle 🙂

No, I’m not a kook and I don’t talk to people that are not really there BUT I do have a relationship with each planet.  A good astrologer simply has to!  They would never be able to read a person’s chart unless they understood who the heck they were dealing with 😉

So just for fun on this Friday – here’s a little blurb about what each planet would tell you upon first meeting them :

Sun – “HEY my name is Sun and I’m here to get this party started!  Kick off those shoes and let’s party!!  It’s our time to shine and get to know each other.  I’ll tell you about ME first!”

Moon – “Dear, bring me a tissue as I can’t help tearing up! My emotions always get the best of me. Let’s talk about all our feelings.”

Mercury  – “I’ve just had a really busy day popping in and out of all of these places.  I’m excited to meet you and can’t wait to chat!”

Venus – “Darling – you are just beautiful.  I love your outfit, makeup and hair.  Is that a Louis Vitton your carrying?  I simply LOVE tasteful style! Let’s get to know each other by talking about all the things we love.”

Mars – “It’s TIME TO PARTY!”  Let’s get loose and party the NIGHT away!  Who cares if we break a few bottles along the way – you only live once!”

Jupiter –  “I’m having a GREAT day!  I love life and always feel super positive!  How ’bout you?”

Saturn – “Man – my life sucks.”  No  matter what I do – I just can’t get it right.  Let’s talk about all our problems.”

Uranus – “So excited to meet you – I love a blind date.  There’s nothing that makes me more giddy than a good surprise.  I also love getting to know about what makes a person unique – tell me what makes you different.”

Neptune – “I am simply loving these cocktails.  Let’s order a few more and get lost in each other.”

Pluto – “Yeah – I’m glad we got to meet.  Let’s get deep and talk about all our most personal secrets.”

Who would you like to meet this weekend??  I know I have my favorite picks 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!

Keep Calm And Get Your Freak On – With The Upcoming Libra Full Moon!

22 Mar

Keep_Calm_SF_Tim_WebThere’s nothing like a Full Moon to bring out all the crazies – and I mean that literally 😉  A Full Moon is always known for making people act a little differently – or for making unforeseen events suddenly happen.  Emotions can also be heightened because of things happening around you or just because your emotions start to feel out of kilter.  It can certainly stir things up in all sorts of ways!

We’ve got a pretty intense Full Moon happening during the wee early hours of March 27th – which means we’ll all feel it most powerfully on the night of March 26th.  The Full Moon itself happens in Libra (6 degrees to be exact) but it’ll oppose a fiery Aries Sun.  At the time of the Full Moon that Aries Sun will be dancing – rather closely – with a pretty intense pair otherwise known as Uranus and Mars.  These two together are risky business!

Uranus is an unruly fellow and can throw the most even-keeled person out of whack.  He messes with our balance and brings things out of the blue that can shock and awe.  Mars is like the match that gets thrown into the pot to light it all up in a big way.  He can make any situation a bit worse as well as create emotions of anger and aggravation.  When he gets involved with the unruliness of Uranus we should really watch for accidents.  So the end of March is not the time to be exploring your dangerous side!  Save it for calmer planetary terrain 😉

The two forces at play here are balance, peace and partnership (Libra) and new/pioneering, risky and adventurous (Aries).  On the positive – maybe you’ll be embarking on something new which will mess with your serenity or balance in some way.  Look to the place in your chart where this Full Moon will light up.  That is the place where something could be revealed and some new revelation coming out.

Any new insights you get during this time may initially shock you – and perhaps mess with your balance.  However, there could be a freeing that happens as well and a trust to let go due to some of the planetary combinations connected to this Full Moon.  My advice is put on your Aries hat and be a pioneer!  Just go with the flow to see what happens as you embark upon these new territories!  However – just remember I said not to do anything toooooooo risky because accidents will be prone to happen!

Manning Up To Your Mars

12 Apr

The month of April is very much about the sign of Aries. When I think about Aries – Mars comes to the forefront of my mind.  The reason for this is because in Astrology there is a planet that works with each sign and Mars is the planet that works with the sign of Aries.

As a quickie analogy – you could think of the sign (Aries) as a type of clothing with a certain look and feel and then the particular planet (Mars) is the one who wears those types of clothes.  Mars in an Aries outfit is perfectly coordinated – since this is where Mars looks and feels his BEST.  However, if you put Mars in a Pisces outfit he is not going to not look so together.

Of course there are many mixes and matches and isn’t that the case when it comes to clothing! If you were to look at your Astrology Chart, you can see what sign your Mars is living in and find out how your aggressive side operates.  Mars is after all – the planet where our aggressions and drive lives.  I will tell you that some signs (or outfits) work better with my little red friend than others.  However – it is possible to make every combination work!

A few months back I wrote an article about him on Sasstrology.com which talked about our different Mars placements and how you can”Man Up” to your Mars placement.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Our interactions with others are as different as we are—different relationships, different styles. If you’re looking for insight as to why you respond to others in the ways that you do, there are several factors you can examine in your astrological chart. if you want to take a good look at how you act on your aggressive instincts, you need to look at your Mars.  This personal planet is the trigger that sets off your reactions (heated or not) to people in oftentimes stressful situations.”

Read on to see how Mars might be operating in your chart and find out how you can man up to him – and look the best you can no matter what he’s wearing 😉



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