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Fasten Your Seatbelts – Approaching Final Destination

19 May

fasten your seatbeltThe moment has finally arrived – the peak of it all.  A turning point is here for all of us – we have arrived at our final destinations.  Some of gotten here by the skin of their teeth and others have managed to muscle through without breaking a sweat (albeit I’ve yet to meet that person!).  Man o man – it’s certainly been an interesting – yet bumpy ride!

On Monday, May 20th we’ll have Pluto and Uranus in an exact square which simply means it’s the height of these powerhouse planet’s challenging energy.  These are the two that have been making us face change in our lives and basically forcing us to do things under someone else’s rules.  If you are affected then you’ve probably been feeling the tension, stress and push for months so this really comes as no surpise.

Some of us have lost some things in the fight but keep in mind that you’ll eventually get better things back in return.  The nice thing to know is that it is now peaked and the energy will start to ebate.  What’s done is done and now it’s time to pick up the pieces.

However – and yes I’m sorry to say there is a big- illusive – can’t hide however 😉  We’ve got to deal with one last eclipse and a SuperMoon rolled into one – YIKES!  This grand finale will take place during the wee hours of May 25th.  So we’ll likely be feeling this big time around the 23rd/24th.  This final eclipse is the last in a three part series that we’ve been dealing with since the end of April.  I had cautioned everyone, in my Caught Up in Oz post,  to not make any major decisions till this final eclipse.

The reason for that is because eclipses bring things “out of the dark.”  They light things up in our lives that we either totally forgot about, pushed aside to deal with later, or simply had no knowledge of it in the first place.  I don’t know about you guys but I know that I’ve had several things come to light since the end of April and I’m curious to see what the final piece of the puzzle is!

This last eclipse is a Lunar one which means it’s a super charged up Full Moon.  It’s also a SuperMoon which adds even more instensity and FLAVOR to our spicy cocktail!  This super planetary phenomeon will take a Gemini-Sagittarius theme since these are the two signs at play.  Full Moons will end something in our lives and the context here will be forces of your mind (Gemini) and your beliefs (Sagittarius).  The eclipse itself takes place in 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Have you been true to yourself throughout this battle? It’s not always entirely possible – particularly when you’re being forced to change.  Things shift for a lot of us at this final destination and remember to “trust your gut” when it all comes out.  Believe in yourself and whatever you feel is right this week.  Even though things may not be entirely on your terms – you are the one who can ultimately decide how and where to go in this new foreign land you’ve arrived in!

Good luck to everyone and make sure to fasten your seatbelts 🙂


Kicked Down But NOT Kicked Out

15 May

Phoenix-Rising7I’m feeling it – there’s a planetary shift that’s occurring.  Things are heating up and the BIG “Pluto-Uranus Square” is looming.  It’s actually getting closer and closer and will peak on May 20th which is just a few days away.   If you’re a part of it – you already know it.  You’ve been feeling the stress for a few months now because these planets like to take their time in messing with us!

Astrologers have been talking about this planetary fight for a while and I’ve written quite a few articles on it myself.  My favorite probably is this one which talks about how these two powerhouse planets are forcing us to change – despite our adamant protests! I personally know it’s not fun because I myself was caught up in these challenging energies last year when these two bullies were first duking it out.

I was actually just thinking about the power of a force like this and how it can make us feel like we’re kicked to curb.  There’s nothing worse than feeling kicked down and beat up.  Sadly, these planets are known for doing that to us hence the reason they’ve got a bad rep.  What I pondered, however, is not the kicked down part but rather how one can rise themselves back up from the great fall they sometimes must take.  It’s always up to us to get back up again and we all have the capacity to do it – even if you think you don’t.

I’m sure we all have heard about the powerful story of the “Phoenix who rose up from the ashes.”  This awe inspiring symbol is truly the essence of any Pluto transit.  How can you not feel the power as you look at those awful flames …… and then rising up out of that pain and darkness is a beautiful bird.  This is exactly what Pluto does – he burns you down but IF you listen to his message and get up from your fall he will rise you up higher than you ever were before.

So if you feel like you are being taken down right now – hang tight my friends! Your day will come again and you’ll rise up and out of the flames you’re being pressured against now.  Remember that kicked down does not mean kicked out – this is the beauty of Pluto.  You will persevere and come out of it and become stronger than you ever were.  Your day will come again – I promise 🙂

Here’s to everyone caught up in challenges – hang in there and know that good things do eventually come out of all of our struggles!

Pluto Twirling With Our Lives

10 Apr

black swanPluto, the planet of radical transformation, is getting ready to twirl backwards or retrograde and this is starting to set the stage for those of us caught up in forced change.  When a planet gets ready to turn he does a bit of a dance in the sky and then stops – or stations as we call it in astrology talk.  I guess you could think of it like, he’s taking a bit of a rest, before setting out to do the work he needs to as he travels back through our charts.

This resting phase will light up our lives or illuminates where his work is going to take place if the point he’s resting on touches anything in our charts.  Right now, Pluto is in 11 degrees Capricorn in his resting spot. He’s also gearing up to come into that exact square or challenge with Uranus at the end of May, which I talked about in this post a few weeks ago.  His twirl back right now is getting those of us affected ready for these big changes.

I thought of the movie, Black Swan, when I was thinking about Pluto’s turn because his energy can be a dark one.  He’s also incredibly transformational  just as the Black Swan was – on both a good and challenging level.  While many of us would prefer to beat him down with a hard stick for the challenge he causes – I want to add that he does have a good side too.   It’s up to us to have the “good part or White Swan” take over – rather than let the “bad part or Black Swan” engulf us.  So it’s important to keep strong and take care of yourself during this process.

Remember that once he breaks you down – he can and does build you back up creating a more stable and stronger “you.”  It’s a difficult process, however, and I’d compare it to bulldozing a house.  There’s simply no fun in being torn apart and having things taken away from us.  It’s also pretty tough to have to let go of things that have been with us forever and contemplate the thought of having to replace them.

The beauty in the transformation is that once it’s complete a truly beautiful thing rises out of it.  It’s up to us, however, to battle the forces of transformation and do what we need to do.  In the end of this transit, which is unlike the move, your White Swan will take over and allow you to become even better than you were before.

Pluto officially turns back on April 12th and will continue his backwards motion for approximately five months.  His energy will likely be felt intensely starting now and continue through the end of May where he’ll finally meet up with Uranus on May 20th.  There’s also three eclipses happening during this period that will intensify our journeys during this period.

Forgetting the Bigger Picture – The Uranus – Pluto Challenge and Learning to Let Go

19 Mar

dandelionNew Moons, Full Moons, Elipses …. OH MY!  There’s a lot going on via the planets in the coming weeks and months that can give anybody interested in Astrology A LOT to think about.  I’ll get around to writing about all the intricacies as they get closer but something I think a lot of people forget about is the bigger picture.  We can so easily get caught up in the event triggers but the planets can always reveal what’s at the heart of the matter.  In today’s world – this is the Uranus – Pluto challenge so many of us our caught up in.

While we’ve got a lot of event triggers approaching (the upcoming eclipses being the biggest) – the bigger picture at hand has to do with two feisty fellows called Uranus and Pluto.  These two planets (YES – I say Pluto is a planet!) are each a powerhouse in their own way – and alone can cause intense havoc on a person’s life.  Coupled together, as they are right now in what we call a square – these guys can make life super intense as they demand radical change – whether we like it or not.

Are you caught up in change and are kicking and screaming all the way through?  When I say change – I mean radical change though – something really foreign to you which makes you feel terribly shaky and wobbly.  It’s like you can’t get a foot placed firmly on the ground and when you finally do something comes along and makes you lose your balance again.  You can blame Uranus for this.

Now when I say kicking and screaming – I mean you adamantly don’t want to do whatever it is you’re supposed to.  You would rather suffer through torture, give your right hand, have all of your eye lashes plucked out – or even walk through the streets naked than do what has been thrown in front of you!  This is the point where you are on your knees and all of your power has been taken away as you thrust into this new territory.  You can blame Pluto for this.

Now put the two feelings together and you’ve got the Uranus –Pluto problem lighting up the sky right now.  Not pretty I know –  and I’ve seen the forces at play in people’s lives and I know it is anything but easy.  If you feel like this might be you in any way – my advice is to simply let go and let it be.  You will not be able to fight these forces and they will make you change whether you like it or not.  The more you fight – the harder it will be.  By letting it go however – you will be able to have the opportunity to take back your power and rise above the madness.  It’ll only be in this way that you’ll be able to accept that maybe life is putting you on a different path for a good reason.

Mid- April is when things start to heat up since Pluto will station and begin is retrograde or backwards motion.  He’ll be highlighting 11 degrees Capricorn at that time – so if you have any planets living here get ready to accept the unacceptable!  Then in later May (right around the 20th), Pluto will come into an exact square or challenge with Uranus (11 degrees Aries) and intensify our battles.

So this means anybody who has planets around 11 degrees in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra need to take a deep breath and get ready to let it go.  It’s time to accept the unacceptable and rather than kick and scream through it – try to embrace the opportunity of what benefits may actually come out of all of this! Interestingly enough, the same degree of Virgo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Leo may see some major benefits (delivered in a stressful package of course) coming out of these radical changes.

All of this is much easier said than done – I know 😉 But I’m sending lots of luck everyone’s way as we all approach these changing times and gear up for our Pluto-Uranus battles!  So whatever little triggers find us before hand – try to keep the bigger picture in mind and remember that letting go may be just the answer the planets are seeking from you.

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