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Did You Know That Some Of Our Founding Father’s Believed in Astrology?

17 Feb

GWAs it turns out – I’ve got something in common with George Washington 😉  Yes, it’s true and in honor of President’s Day, I thought I’d share a few little historical astrological tidbits from some of our founding fathers who just so happened to believe in the power of the planets – very similar to myself 😉

As it turns out, George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were ALL staunch believers in Astrology.  Some suggest that the timing of the laying of the corner stone of the Capital Building was insisted upon by George Washington, on 9/18/1793, between the hours of 11:15 and 12:30. Another historical astrological coincidence is that the cornerstones for the White House and the Washington monument, the two other buildings that form the federal triangle and were built years later were all coordinated to be laid while Caput Draconis was in Virgo.

Those of us that believe in Astrology (and shame on you if you don’t ;-)) – know that the time sets the stage to everything. Timing is key when it comes to astrology and it looks like our very first president knew this philosophy practiced it in real life.  The moment something is born – whether it be a person, an event or the beginning of an important building being built – is very important from an astrological perspective.  It is because at the moment something is born – the planets have a story to tell about it and the story can be ever so fascinating.

From a historical perspective, there’s actually quite a bit of proof all throughout American’s history of powerful people citing their beliefs in astrological phenomenon. One of my favorite lines was spoken by JP Morgan – a very successful and powerful financier who created a fortune while dominating the financial markets of his time.   He stated, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers – but billionaires do” and there’s known proof that he regularly visited an astrologer.

So believing in astrology certainly seems to not be so kooky now does it?  After all …… how could one argue with such instrumental people in American history?

*I want  to credit my aunt (who’s an astrology fan like myself!) and pursuing her Master’s in History. She happened to stumble upon this great info about George Washington a few days ago while doing some historical research.  Thanks Aunt Laureen 🙂

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Your Jupiter Return And The Start Of A New 12 Year Cycle

26 Jan

carEvery 12 years or so, the lucky planet Jupiter makes his way back to the same spot he was in when you were born. Astrologers call this your Jupiter Return – since the planet is basically returning to his “home base.” I started following this cycle in people’s charts about a year ago because the transit was a curious one to me. It is a transit that gives me hope for people since Jupiter is lucky – but it also can reveal some other mysteries in our lives since I’ve seen various things – or rather personality traits come out at the beginning of the cycle. Interestingly enough – the universe is continually putting people in my path recently that are about to encounter this new 12 year cycle sometime in 2013. I’m excited and curious for all of them – including myself 😉

By the way, if you were born in 1953/54, 1965/66, 1977/78, 1989/90 or 2000/01 your Jupiter will be returning to its home base in your chart at some point in 2013. So, you too, will have your Jupiter return and begin a brand new 12 year cycle. It’s definitely something to look forward to since it typically denotes a period where you feel rejuvenated again. You tend to become “fresh” and ready for new things. I’m personally excited about it because my return will also happen this year.

Where ever Jupiter lives in your chart, he will give you a sign as to where this new “rejuvenation” will take place. It’s typically the beginning of something new and you tend to feel good and excited about things. Your outlook is positive and you feel like you are ready to grab whatever it is that you’re trying to reach.  However, there’s another side to my lucky friend that I’d like to share. In the beginning of my Astrology studies I was always excited by a Jupiter transit since he’s typically known as the “good-luck” planet. For the most part that’s true and I continually see him bring good fortune….. when he’s behaving. BUT – when he’s showing his unruly side, he can blow things up – including our egos and the way we perceive things.

Did you ever encounter someone who suddenly turned “egotisical” and started acting a little “too” confident? He or she likely aggravated you because of that uber-confidence. Now – I’m not saying anything is wrong with a little confidence but there are times when people can get a little too inflated if you catch my drift 😉 That expansion or blowing up of one’s confidence is an effect of the challenging side of Jupiter. He is the biggest planet after all – so it makes sense that his energy could affect our egos in this over-confident way.

However it ends up playing out the fortunate thing to look forward to is the beginning of something new. If you are affected, you can think back to all the things you’ve accomplished over the last 12 years and what you’d like to do in your next cycle. You’re in the completion phase and your engine of life is about to rev up! Enjoy your new 12 year ride – but just remember not to throw too much exhaust out of your engine 😉

Having Fun With Some “Datastrology”

24 Nov

Finding the Data side of Astrology

I love looking at certain types of data and one of my favorite programs for doing so is Excel.  I’m sure that most of us use it for work purposes but I’m sure a good amount of us also use it to keep track of our finances and personal budgets.  However, I found a neat place to use Excel in my Astrology practice and I thought I’d share since we’re embarking on a new year.

A while ago I actually started taking a look at our Astrological triggers from a data standpoint in order to see trends in a person’s whole year.  I decided to pin it – “Datastrology” since it’s taking your personal data and Astrologizing it!  We use data to analyze many things and gather trends but what a neat concept to use it when it comes to OUR upcoming year. Datastrology could even be used to compare activity from year to you – since we all know some years are much more activity based than others.

Astrology is not a crystal ball but it can very much differentiate active vs. duller periods in your life.  It’s actually pretty neat if you look at your year and see which months are going to be more eventful.  My version of datastrology makes no differentiation between challenging times vs. easier one.  Since we can label planetary triggers as easy vs. challenging you could look at your datastrology to see if there’s a trend of challenge or ease.  What I’ve done below is the easy version.

As an example I used my own chart.  I simply took ALL of my major planetary happenings and put them together to illustrate which times will be more active than others.  It’s actually pretty neat and totally not scary … it just illustrates which months will be more eventful than others.

So here’s my Astrological Activity broken down by month …..

Then a comparison of 2013 to 2012 since I pretty much know what’s already happened in 2012 😉

Finally, here’s the comparison of the year in total and as you can see my 2013 will not be quite as active as 2012 which I’m ok with 🙂

Maybe I’m an Astrologer geek but I do think there’s something pretty neat about taking a look at your life in this way.  It’s totally non-evasive and just allows you to see how active your upcoming year will be.  You could compare any year to another too …. the possibilities are endless!  If you are interested in taking a look at your 2013 Datastrology or just want to hear more about what’s going on in your 2013 email me at info@crystalbastrology.com.

Astrology Can Reveal More Than Just The Future

18 Jan

Every Astrologer has their own system – or method that they use to gain insight on a person’s chart.  Over time, I’ve developed my own and the more I work with a person’s chart the more easily I can see how things may play out.  However, the thing I always tell everyone is that Astrology is not a Crystal Ball …. even though many of us wish it was!

Astrology is a system that you can utilize to gain insight on what makes you or somebody close to you tick.  It’s also very useful for gaining a little positivity – particularly when you’re caught up in a bad run. Timing is also something that Astrology can help you with.  It can reveal when the time is right for many things such as love and career opportunities. However – Astrology is something much bigger than all of that as it’s very much connected with your Psychology and the meaning behind things that are happening to you.   If you learn more about your own Astrology or get regular readings then you will be able to see that more clearly.

I’ll be honest and say that when most people approach me they are not looking to learn about the Psychology of what makes them tick – even though in the end they will walk away with that anyway.  Most people are looking for a little insight into the future as we all love to hear what’s coming up.  Many of us are quite eager to find out WHEN something … anything …. will find them!  Not many of us want to know when the challenges come … however you can’t have opportunity without challenges right?

Whenever somebody comes to me the first thing I do is grab my “Astrologer’s Tool Kit.” This is my imaginary bag of tricks that has all of my little methods that I can use to find something out for you.  I won’t bore you with the details of what’s inside my bag – but to be honest it is a little cluttery and there’s a lot of stuff in it 😉  For anybody that knows me in real life you know that I’m a total bag person and love a BIG bag to carry everything.

I’m the same when it comes to the future … I always need a lot of “stuff” handy as you just never know when you’ll need it!  I take my bag with me everywhere …. whether it’s visuals of your chart (I’ve got a pretty good photo-like memory when it comes to people’s charts) running around in my mind, planetary positions, my laptop (which runs my Astrology Software) or any one of the hundreds of Astrology books I use for reference.

I’ve actually recently incorporated my phone where I can run a chart quite easily … as I never know when I might get a call, text or email asking for some planetary answers.  People need answers quickly and I always try to have everything handy to help them.  Yes – people like to know what’s going to happen next but I think what they also need is a little encouragement because so many of us don’t get that throughout the day.  Encouragement is actually my favorite tool as there are just so many benefits to it.

The planets can reveal the future for you – but they can also give you something even greater than that.  They can inspire you to get through whatever you’re caught up in – in order to get to the next level.  If you know something good is coming up – then you’ve got your motivation to get through the hurdles.  Many of our perceptions are different when it comes to Astrology but the one thing I do want to share is that it’s not just about the future.  It’s about learning more about yourself and getting motivated to grab the opportunities that are waiting for you out there 😉

We’ve all got opportunities somewhere but the question is will you be able to find yours?

The Black Friday Eclipse!

14 Nov

Shopping on THIS Black Friday is going to be more than interesting!

I had mentioned my love of deals a few posts ago and since I’m in this heightened “deal finding” state I was thinking about going out on Black Friday.  Now – I’ve NEVER hit the stores on the craziest shopping day of the year.  Mainly because I’m mostly an internet shopper and well frankly because I can’t take the crowds of people.

I had touched base with one of my good friends – who is the “Black Friday Goddess” in my opinion since she knows exactly what to hit first and where.  She told me that it’s total mayhem out there but totally worth it.  When telling me about what to expect she mentioned things  like “deer seeing headlights,” total insanity and shopping throughout the night.  I was intrigued but scared at the same time! Could I be able to face the crowds and come home with a ton of amazing deals? 

So I began to ponder the thought of trying to catch a good deal while battling the mobs.  AND then it hit me …. Black Friday is on November 25th this year and do you know what that means?  It means that it’s the SAME day as the Solar Eclipse!  Those of you that have been getting my readings know that eclipses bring a power punch of events to our table – if we are affected.  However – eclipses in general make crazy and unexpected things happen.  I wonder what this could mean for all those shoppers out there running to try to catch a good deal?

I do believe that while it’s normally an insane day to hit the stores it’s going to be even crazier this Black Friday.  Whenever you throw an eclipse into the mix we can expect things to happen – and most often they can bring a touch of mayhem to our doorstep.  So with that being said – this Astrologer is going to lay low on this Black Friday.  I’d rather not mess with the crowds this year – or the eclipse that matter!  I think next year will be a better year for me to tackle the crowds 🙂

For all of you who are gearing up to get out there and “shop till you drop” – GOOD LUCK!  If the eclipse is working for you – than perhaps you’ll end up with some excellent treasures.  However – if the eclipse is working against you it might make your shopping experience a little crazier than the normal crazy 😉 

Here’s to the biggest shopping day of the year and all the wonders it may bring to each of you!

Outrunning Those Pesky Squares

27 Oct

Is Outrunning Your Difficult Transits Possible?

In Astrology there are conjunctions, trines and squares and these are the three biggest planetary alignments that can create events in our lives.  I would think that every Astrologer has their own way of analyzing these combinations – just as I have my own.  With Astrology being a picture language – predictive Astrology is very much open to interpretation.

However, with time I do believe that I’ve been able to perfect my recipe for prediction using these various combinations! I’ve got a pretty good track record but I always tell everyone that Astrology is not a crystal ball and one never knows exactly how things will play out.  I will share that the planets always have a way of surprising us in one way or another and they’ll always find ways to do this – regardless if you know how to read them or not 😉

Rather than complicate matters (although Astrology is complicated!) and tell you the details behind each combination – I’ll just stick to the easy answers.  A trine is great – a square is not so great – and well a conjunction can go both ways!  Remember Astrology is complicated 😉  Everyone loves to hear about the trines …. and seriously who wouldn’t want to know that something good is coming up!  However, when it’s time to mention those darn squares things get rather troublesome.

A square challenges us – and most often it presents us with a a situation that can be stressful.  What’s important to remember – however – is that without challenge we never act.  So if you want to lead a life that’s pretty boring then you’ll want a lot of trines.  BUT if you want things to happen in your life then you’ve got to be challenged in order to push forward and get done what needs to get done.  Is it easy … no certainly not! But once the challenges pass there are usually a lot of benefits that can be found when the dust settles.

Now Astrology is about timing – and timing is everything 😉  I’ve been thinking about these squares and trying to decide if it’s possible to outrun a square.  What I mean by that is – if you know a challenge is coming up – can you avoid it?  I think the answer is – yes.  However – the challenge will always manifest in some way but perhaps you can curtail it to manifest in a way that is less troublesome for you.  For instance – if you know that you’ve got a challenge coming up (as you would if you have your chart analyzed by an Astrologer) it’s a time to lay low.  I tell people this all the time – including myself LOL 😉

I’m actually in the process of trying to outrun a few squares myself and it’s an interesting process.  Earlier in the week – I breathed a sigh of relief as my “challenging” day passed and nothing came to pass.  However – the very NEXT day an event found me which satisfied the challenge that the planets needed me to face.  I always tell people that things can happen a few days before or after the date of the combination and I neglected give the AFTER much consideration in my own life.  I learned my lesson!!!

Squares are going to create a challenge for you so if there’s one on the horizon you can expect that things will not necessarily go the way you want.  It’s not a time to have a confrontation with someone, ask for a favor or put yourself in a situation that could create some conflict for you.  The best thing to do is ride it out and wait for the square to pass AND then do what you need to do.  For one thing is certain and that is that things typically do not go our way when the planets are working against us.

You can use your trines, or beneficial combinations in the exact same way.  If you know a good day is coming up – then it’s time to put yourself out there and shine!  When the planets are working for you it’s a beautiful thing and we should reap the benefits of what they can offer.  It is ultimately up to you to put yourself out there – though.  The planets can help you out and create opportunities but because of our free will it’s up to us see them and grasp the benefits offered.

So here’s to everyone trying to outrun their squares … I know I’m going to always try to do it and while I may not avoid conflict entirely I am going to try to minimize it!  I wish the same for all of you – because a little less stress in our lives is never a bad thing 😉

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