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Getting to Know Your Planets

17 May

hello-my-name-is1Astrology will always begin … and end …. with the planets.  They are the entitities that create forces in our lives and ultimately help to make things happen.  Since I’m a visual person, I’ve always thought of the planets as people.

I have characters in my head about how each of them operates.  Just like people – they have both good and bad characteristics.  They each have a purpose and work their “magic” a little differently in each of our charts.

Just for fun …. and perhaps because I’m in a “Gemini Mood” given that a lot of the planets are moving into Gemini or gearing up to get there …. I decided to help all of you get to know my “very good friends.”  For those of you that don’t know, Gemini is the talking sign and the one that likes to get social and mingle 🙂

No, I’m not a kook and I don’t talk to people that are not really there BUT I do have a relationship with each planet.  A good astrologer simply has to!  They would never be able to read a person’s chart unless they understood who the heck they were dealing with 😉

So just for fun on this Friday – here’s a little blurb about what each planet would tell you upon first meeting them :

Sun – “HEY my name is Sun and I’m here to get this party started!  Kick off those shoes and let’s party!!  It’s our time to shine and get to know each other.  I’ll tell you about ME first!”

Moon – “Dear, bring me a tissue as I can’t help tearing up! My emotions always get the best of me. Let’s talk about all our feelings.”

Mercury  – “I’ve just had a really busy day popping in and out of all of these places.  I’m excited to meet you and can’t wait to chat!”

Venus – “Darling – you are just beautiful.  I love your outfit, makeup and hair.  Is that a Louis Vitton your carrying?  I simply LOVE tasteful style! Let’s get to know each other by talking about all the things we love.”

Mars – “It’s TIME TO PARTY!”  Let’s get loose and party the NIGHT away!  Who cares if we break a few bottles along the way – you only live once!”

Jupiter –  “I’m having a GREAT day!  I love life and always feel super positive!  How ’bout you?”

Saturn – “Man – my life sucks.”  No  matter what I do – I just can’t get it right.  Let’s talk about all our problems.”

Uranus – “So excited to meet you – I love a blind date.  There’s nothing that makes me more giddy than a good surprise.  I also love getting to know about what makes a person unique – tell me what makes you different.”

Neptune – “I am simply loving these cocktails.  Let’s order a few more and get lost in each other.”

Pluto – “Yeah – I’m glad we got to meet.  Let’s get deep and talk about all our most personal secrets.”

Who would you like to meet this weekend??  I know I have my favorite picks 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


Could Saturn Help You Find What You Really Want In Life?

4 Feb

want you

This question could be laughable to those that have undergone harsh Saturn transits.  Saturn is a planetary force that breaks relationships, creates huge emotional turmoil, presents unruly circumstances and creates tremendous loss.  How could a planet that is so destructive then – help me answer such pivotal life questions?  This is a question that I’ve been thinking about for quite a few months because it’s such a powerful cliché.

I’ve been re-reading some excerpts of “Planets in Transit” from one of my favorite astrologers, Robert Hand and have been thinking about his viewpoint on Saturn.  He writes that “no matter how unpleasant Saturn is to you … he represents what you really want in life AND helps you get it.”  I literally laughed out loud when I thought about that since I’ve seen Saturn’s destruction first hand.  However, he goes on to write that “most people are out of touch with what they really want.”

Did you ever stop for a minute and really think about what you want?  I think that most of us are constantly on the go (yes I’m totally guilty myself!) and neglect to think about what it is you truly want.  Many of us are reactive – to the many things thrown at us on a daily basis rather than proactive.  It’s especially tough when we’re thrown those really large curveballs that stop us in our tracks and Saturn is the planet usually behind that!

So I got to thinking about some of Saturn’s transits in my own chart as well as others.  While I would never want to personally go through them again or see anybody I know partake in that misery – I can say that the changes that ultimately came out of his affects were powerfully positive.  Even though the transits were difficult he did shift things so that better things would come along.  If we really dug deep and were honest about it – we might even admit that we were glad we went through those challenges since we ultimately ended up in a much better place.

Saturn’s moving through Scorpio right now and likely challenging you if you have a lot of planets in this sign.  He’s also creating challenge for those who have planets in Taurus, Aquarius and Leo.  The timing of his arrival in your chart/life depends greatly on your date of birth.  Rather than be fearful of his arrival, I think the thing to think about is where do you want to be when he’s done presenting those challenges.  What is it that you ultimately want and how could these challenges you’re wrapped up in actually get you there?  When it’s all said and done – Saturn may end up bringing the exact answers you’ve been looking for all along.

Rewinding, Relooking & Redoing in Retrograde

15 Mar

In Astrology, the planets are always moving.  One would think that their movement is always going forward – however some of them have periods during the year where they move back.  If you want to be fancy then you can say that a particular planet is in retrograde while it’s in is backwards phase.

In the sky right now, we’ve got three planets moving back.  Saturn, Mercury and Mars have all made a K-Turn and are chugging back in each of the signs they are currently living in.  I think most of us are at least familiar with Mercury in Retrograde – as it’s become a famous saying for explaining communications slip-ups.

Retrograde periods get a bad rep as many say that we can’t get things done while we’re moving back. For the most part this is quite true – particularly if the ruler of your chart is moving back.  For a little more background on who the ruler of your chart is check out this prior post.  However, what we need to remember is that retrograde periods are not stopping us in our tracks just because the world is against us for several months out of the year.

The reason for these periods has a lot to do with reassessing things.  This is the time that we’re given to rewind things a bit and look back on what we’ve done.  Re-looking at things could really prove beneficial – because you might have missed something important that needs to be incorporated.  Maybe you made a major decision a few months ago and now it’s time to reassess what you’ve done and decide if that was the right decision or not.  Ultimately you may find that through your reassessment – you could decide that you’re happier with your decision or perhaps that you need to redo or even rework something in order to make it better.

Now I know nobody likes a”re” anything in my opinion.  Time, energy and effort goes into nearly everything we do and once you’ve finished something you’d like to be done with it.  I know most of us are tired and would rather not go back and fix our past efforts.  However I can tell you from personal experience that going back over something can be incredibly beneficial.  My ruling planet (Saturn) is going back right now so things have been cropping up recently that have made me re-look at things.  It’s certainly not my favorite and I am eager (probably just like you) to get moving forward again.  However, the Astrologer in me does eventually take over and reminds me that there is a reason for this!

After we get past the hemming and hawing (of which I am totally guilty) of having to “redo” – you might find that you’ve been given a chance to make something even better than you thought it was.  It’s not always a fun process but at the end of the day you’ll be happier that you’ve had to rewind a bit.

If you end up being put in a situation where you have to re-look at things and ultimately do a re-do – I will bet that you’ll be very happy with the results.  The process could ultimately prove quite gratifying – even though in the beginning you will probably be thinking the exact opposite.  The planets are always setting us up in circumstances that make us a work a bit harder than we want to.  Nobody like’s to do things twice!  However, it’s always up to us, to see the opportunity in it.  If you look close enough you’ll find that some unlikely benefits might end up springing out of your retrograde period.

Say Hello To Saturn – The Planet That Can Beat Us Up Sometimes!

4 Feb

Saturn by Crystal B - http://www.crystalbastrology.com

Say hello to Saturn – the culprit for many of those hardships we all ultimately have to face.  Unfortunately – some of us feel them harder than others and a lot of times it’s because of this guy – also known as Saturn!  There is a good side to him too and he can reward you for all your hard work ….. but jeez louize he can make us work realllllly hard and make some things reallllly tough!  So say hello, my friends, to Saturn and know if you’re feeling down or are involved in some difficulties you know who to blame now 😦

Older Astrologers have made Saturn out to be one of the worst planets.  However more modern thinking tries to see him more as a friend than a foe 😉  My dad (older astrologer) scares me sometimes when we talk about Saturn transits but me (younger astrologer) tries to see the positive side to him!  One time I actually made sure to put jugs of water in my car (in case of fire) when I was under a Saturn/Mars transit. I got a bit nervous and just wanted to be safe and I actually can’t believe I’m sharing this with all of you! No I’m not crazy or kooky – I just like to cover my bases – just in case!  Anyway – it all worked out in the end and all was ok but we always need to remember when Saturn comes around it can be tough. You can feel beat up or like you’re walking through mud by his energy.

There is no doubt Saturn can be a bother.  He restricts us when he’s working against us and when you are under his influence you simply can’t move forward.  He holds you back and makes you learn some hard lessons – SLOWLY!!  Some refer to him as father time. 

On the positive side, he can reward us immensely if we put in the hard work.   He’s serious, hard working and determined!!  I’ve seen many great things happen to people under positive hits from Saturn.  He rules over the sign of Capricorn so if your Rising Sign or Ascendant is in Capricorn – this guy is a big part of you and one of your most important planets in your Astrological makeup.  I believe people with a lot of Saturn in them always get the job done and rarely complain about it.  They always stick it out – regardless of the circumstances!

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