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Manning Up To Your Mars

12 Apr

The month of April is very much about the sign of Aries. When I think about Aries – Mars comes to the forefront of my mind.  The reason for this is because in Astrology there is a planet that works with each sign and Mars is the planet that works with the sign of Aries.

As a quickie analogy – you could think of the sign (Aries) as a type of clothing with a certain look and feel and then the particular planet (Mars) is the one who wears those types of clothes.  Mars in an Aries outfit is perfectly coordinated – since this is where Mars looks and feels his BEST.  However, if you put Mars in a Pisces outfit he is not going to not look so together.

Of course there are many mixes and matches and isn’t that the case when it comes to clothing! If you were to look at your Astrology Chart, you can see what sign your Mars is living in and find out how your aggressive side operates.  Mars is after all – the planet where our aggressions and drive lives.  I will tell you that some signs (or outfits) work better with my little red friend than others.  However – it is possible to make every combination work!

A few months back I wrote an article about him on Sasstrology.com which talked about our different Mars placements and how you can”Man Up” to your Mars placement.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Our interactions with others are as different as we are—different relationships, different styles. If you’re looking for insight as to why you respond to others in the ways that you do, there are several factors you can examine in your astrological chart. if you want to take a good look at how you act on your aggressive instincts, you need to look at your Mars.  This personal planet is the trigger that sets off your reactions (heated or not) to people in oftentimes stressful situations.”

Read on to see how Mars might be operating in your chart and find out how you can man up to him – and look the best you can no matter what he’s wearing 😉



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