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Astrology and Luck

14 Mar

luckWe all need a little luck every now and again and with St. Patrick’s Day coming up I started to think about this – planetary style!  Our Astrological Charts reveal when we will be lucky – or when an opportunity may find us.  Since I’m always eager to find good things in a person’s chart (including my own!) – I love coming across good combinations that could potentially bring something of a benefit to a person.

Natally (the placement of the planets when you were born) speaking, Jupiter and Venus are the greatest “gift-givers.”  When either is sparked in our charts – we could be granted all sorts of opportunities.  I also like to look at a person’s North Node and Part of Fortune – because those bodies also tend to give something beneficial back.  All of the planets (yes even Saturn and Pluto) can deliver opportunities and give us special blessings depending on how they are operating for you at a given time period.

Any luck to be found in your own chart will always depend on all the various placements in your chart.  However – for the most part when any of these “benefics” (as we call them in Astro language) is touched off – something beneficial could be felt.  With that being said- there is a caveat to beneficial sparks coming out in your chart.  Unless we are naturally lucky (and yes some people are just born that way – but most are not!) we’ve got to put in some work in order to reap the benefits of our lucky opportunities.

It’s also important to be open to what an opportunity actually is.  Some opportunities are a lot easier to see than others and sparks don’t always fly when they happen.  For instance if I got a big raise or won the lottery it would be clear that luck finally came around.  However, opportunity can come in other ways too – such as finding some peaceful moments to relax, being in the right place at the right time or meeting someone who helps you in some way.

prep meets opportunity

Following your chart can be incredibly beneficial because it can actually give you a “heads-up” of when your opportunities may find you.  Sometimes if you know they are happening – it may make you think of something awful with a little more positivity.   It can also give you that push to stay the course and continue to put in the hard work – despite feeling the rewards.

Luck will eventually come around for all of us at given points -and when it does you’ll be glad you put in the work beforehand.  Each of the planets could help us over the coming months however my favorite to look at is Jupiter since he moves the quickest.  Jupiter’s currently helping out Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Come the end of June – early July – Jupiter will enter Cancer and start helping the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).  So here’s to all of us putting in the hard work and hoping for that lucky break to find us sooner rather than later!


A Lucky Planetary Alignment is in the Works-This Could Be Some Luck At the End of the Rainbow!

10 Mar

This upcoming week is an exciting one for anyone interested in the planets – as well as anyone a little down on their luck.  There’s going to be a special combination that’s going to be in the works for a good part of the week (peaking on March 13th).  It’s called a Grand Trine and what that means is that three planets are all going to form a harmonious touch to one another. There’s actually four planets involved but I’m not here to make it complicated!

Now the exciting part about this is two of those planets are really lucky ones.  We call them the “benefics” or rather planets that can grant us benefits.  Instead of “friends with benefits” you can think of them as “planets with benefits” 😉  These benefics are known as Jupiter and Venus and they’ve been known to share many good things such as money and some long needed assistance of the lucky kind.

This special alignment is going to be happening in the Earth Signs which are Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.  If you happen to have any planets that fall around 9 degrees in any of these signs – then your pot of gold may be waiting for you in the next several days.  It’s definitely an exciting thing to think about!

While my chart isn’t impacted by this – I’m happy to think about all the people that will be.  Even if you chart isn’t touched off directly by this special illumination – the energy flowing next week should be harmonious and leave most people in a good mood 😉 Now that is something to definitely look forward to!

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