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Virgo Full Moon Ahead – With A BIG Twist of Pisces

22 Feb

whimsical-treeGet ready Virgos and Pisces – we’ve got a Virgo Full Moon coming up – taking place in just a few days on February 25th. Full Moons are always known for bringing things out or making things happen.  Sometimes people just act strange around this time …. for no apparent reason.  There is something to be said for the power of the Moon – her movements are quick and she has a real affect on our emotions.  I think this Full Moon in particular will be powerfully emotional since there is so much Pisces mixed in it.

When the Moon is full she highlights the sign she’s in (Virgo) and contrasts the sign she opposes (Pisces).  This Full Moon is going to really emphasize a lot of Pisces since we’ll have 6 planets in the sign.  YES I’m going to count Venus who enters Pisces only a few hours after the Full Moon is exact.

I actually think that Venus entering Pisces right after the peak is significant since whenever a planet is in the 29th degree it’s important.  It’ll likely bring matters of the heart ( Venus /Pisces) and practicalities (Virgo) to the surface since a Full Moon likes to light up things we’ve been hiding from (whether we realize it or not).

Jupiter’s also tied into this Full Moon and he sometimes can make us dive deep and question things since he’s a philosopher at heart.  Make sure to be open to any signs that may possibly reveal themselves as well as trust  your instincts – even if you don’t want to.  AND don’t forget to let your heart take over 😉

PS. Early degree Geminis will likely feel this one prominently too! Let’s bring it on – this Pisces is ready 😉

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Did You Know That Some Of Our Founding Father’s Believed in Astrology?

17 Feb

GWAs it turns out – I’ve got something in common with George Washington 😉  Yes, it’s true and in honor of President’s Day, I thought I’d share a few little historical astrological tidbits from some of our founding fathers who just so happened to believe in the power of the planets – very similar to myself 😉

As it turns out, George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were ALL staunch believers in Astrology.  Some suggest that the timing of the laying of the corner stone of the Capital Building was insisted upon by George Washington, on 9/18/1793, between the hours of 11:15 and 12:30. Another historical astrological coincidence is that the cornerstones for the White House and the Washington monument, the two other buildings that form the federal triangle and were built years later were all coordinated to be laid while Caput Draconis was in Virgo.

Those of us that believe in Astrology (and shame on you if you don’t ;-)) – know that the time sets the stage to everything. Timing is key when it comes to astrology and it looks like our very first president knew this philosophy practiced it in real life.  The moment something is born – whether it be a person, an event or the beginning of an important building being built – is very important from an astrological perspective.  It is because at the moment something is born – the planets have a story to tell about it and the story can be ever so fascinating.

From a historical perspective, there’s actually quite a bit of proof all throughout American’s history of powerful people citing their beliefs in astrological phenomenon. One of my favorite lines was spoken by JP Morgan – a very successful and powerful financier who created a fortune while dominating the financial markets of his time.   He stated, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers – but billionaires do” and there’s known proof that he regularly visited an astrologer.

So believing in astrology certainly seems to not be so kooky now does it?  After all …… how could one argue with such instrumental people in American history?

*I want  to credit my aunt (who’s an astrology fan like myself!) and pursuing her Master’s in History. She happened to stumble upon this great info about George Washington a few days ago while doing some historical research.  Thanks Aunt Laureen 🙂

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