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When Life Takes You In a New Direction

31 Mar

Life isn’t a one way street.  I think some of us want it to be sometimes because getting off the current path can be awfully difficult.  Let’s face it – CHANGE is tough and for the most part a lot of people have a hard time with it.  Rightfully so, though, since it’s incredibly difficult to switch things up.  It makes us uncomfortable because when we change we don’t know what’s coming next. 

I honestly think that it what is so hard about change – the “not knowing.”  Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s TOUGH!  However it comes about – it comes for a reason and most often you don’t figure out that reason till you’ve accepted the change! 

Astrologically, we can tell when change is  a comin’.   In our charts, we all have something called our Midheaven and this is a special spot in all of our charts that rules our life direction.  These directions can include our careers, social status changes (like marriage/divorce/having children), and your general life path.  Whenever your Midheaven is sparked, on either the positive or negative, change is likely to happen and the course of our lives switch up a bit. 

The planets are always there in the background pushing us along in some way or another.  Sometimes they push us towards that new path – whether we like it or not 😉  There are some planets that make the change easy and well … there’s some that can make it hard. However it plays out for you it’s important to remember that you can’t get to where your going without travelling the roads of life and most people don’t have a life that goes just one way.

 So if you’re embarking upon change – let the planets take you on your new road and try to see where it goes.  You never know – you might end up a lot better off!

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