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The Wounded Healer We’ve All Met

19 Jan

Chiron, otherwise known as The Wounded Healer, is the asteroid that is responsible for all of our deep hurts that we’ve collected over time.  I actually recently wrote an article for Sasstrology.com on this topic and  you can check it out here.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I like to think of Chiron sometimes as a closet deep within us. We’ve all got a place into which we just throw all of our hurts. I don’t care how neat and tidy you are in your life, your Chiron closet can be messy—particularly when it comes to relationships! The more hurts you’ve piled up over the years, the fuller your closet will be.

The ironic part, however, is that we’ll never be able to move on to the new until we get rid of the old. Chiron is known to many of us as the “Wounded Healer” because he’s just that—a force that hurts as well as heals. He’s a cliché, but a powerful one who lives up to his nickname.”

Check out Sasstrology.com for the full read and learn more about what Chiron could mean to you.

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