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Virgo Full Moon Ahead – With A BIG Twist of Pisces

22 Feb

whimsical-treeGet ready Virgos and Pisces – we’ve got a Virgo Full Moon coming up – taking place in just a few days on February 25th. Full Moons are always known for bringing things out or making things happen.  Sometimes people just act strange around this time …. for no apparent reason.  There is something to be said for the power of the Moon – her movements are quick and she has a real affect on our emotions.  I think this Full Moon in particular will be powerfully emotional since there is so much Pisces mixed in it.

When the Moon is full she highlights the sign she’s in (Virgo) and contrasts the sign she opposes (Pisces).  This Full Moon is going to really emphasize a lot of Pisces since we’ll have 6 planets in the sign.  YES I’m going to count Venus who enters Pisces only a few hours after the Full Moon is exact.

I actually think that Venus entering Pisces right after the peak is significant since whenever a planet is in the 29th degree it’s important.  It’ll likely bring matters of the heart ( Venus /Pisces) and practicalities (Virgo) to the surface since a Full Moon likes to light up things we’ve been hiding from (whether we realize it or not).

Jupiter’s also tied into this Full Moon and he sometimes can make us dive deep and question things since he’s a philosopher at heart.  Make sure to be open to any signs that may possibly reveal themselves as well as trust  your instincts – even if you don’t want to.  AND don’t forget to let your heart take over 😉

PS. Early degree Geminis will likely feel this one prominently too! Let’s bring it on – this Pisces is ready 😉

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A Battle Between Independance & Relationships is What This Week’s SuperMoon Will Bring!

2 Apr

We’ve got  a Full Moon in Libra ahead this week which will take place on April 6th.  This is actually going to be a “supercharged” Full Moon (the 1st of five this year) which is going to put a little more “power” behind the punch of it.  A SuperMoon as they call it, intensifies everything about the Full Moon.

With any Full Moon, there’s a pull between two forces which are symbolized by the signs.  Here we’ll have Libra (the sign symbolizing togetherness, relationships and the balance between two people)battling Aries (the sign symbolizing one’s freedom, individuality and the force that wants us to be free). This SuperMoon will cause a face-off these of two sides and it’ll be up to us to decide which side wins.

Perhaps – though – there is the possibility that you’ll be able to integrate the two and give into each side’s needs. This will be the challenge brought to us here.

Seventeen degrees Libra and Aries will feel the effects of this Full Moon the strongest.  If you have any planets in your chart in close proximity to either of these points -brace yourself for the challenges ahead.  No side is better over the other – it’s the ability to harmonize both that will hopefully win the day.

Virgo Full Moon Ahead!

5 Mar

We’re just a few days away from the Virgo Full Moon which will likely have her biggest impact on both Virgo and Pisces – two polar opposite signs. There’s quite a few planets aligning with this Full Moon – however the one that will be the main attraction is going to be Mercury.  Mercury is the planet that rules over Virgo and he rules over all things communication related.  He’s a mover and a shaker too and is known for taking us places – particularly little trips.  A good conversation or some chatty gossip comes from Mercury and he always tends to thinks about things from a logical standpoint.

Now, the sign that is directly opposite Mercury’s domain of Virgo is Pisces.  This is a sign that typically thinks from it’s heart rather than it’s mind.  Pisces is the listener while Mercury loves to talk it’s ear off 😉  So with this Full Moon’s energy – you might have a pull of heart over mind here! Perhaps your rational mind may be overcome by feelings and you’ll be left wondering what the heck is going on

If you are affected by this Full Moon you might start to feel the effects as early as tomorrow.  Remember that a Full Moon is a “coming together” or finale of something in your life.  Perhaps your rational mind may be tossed up with feelings of your heart come Thursday and you may decide to do something about it.  If you do end up feeling this pull … well then this Full Moon is definitely at play in your chart!

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