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Getting to Know Your Planets

17 May

hello-my-name-is1Astrology will always begin … and end …. with the planets.  They are the entitities that create forces in our lives and ultimately help to make things happen.  Since I’m a visual person, I’ve always thought of the planets as people.

I have characters in my head about how each of them operates.  Just like people – they have both good and bad characteristics.  They each have a purpose and work their “magic” a little differently in each of our charts.

Just for fun …. and perhaps because I’m in a “Gemini Mood” given that a lot of the planets are moving into Gemini or gearing up to get there …. I decided to help all of you get to know my “very good friends.”  For those of you that don’t know, Gemini is the talking sign and the one that likes to get social and mingle 🙂

No, I’m not a kook and I don’t talk to people that are not really there BUT I do have a relationship with each planet.  A good astrologer simply has to!  They would never be able to read a person’s chart unless they understood who the heck they were dealing with 😉

So just for fun on this Friday – here’s a little blurb about what each planet would tell you upon first meeting them :

Sun – “HEY my name is Sun and I’m here to get this party started!  Kick off those shoes and let’s party!!  It’s our time to shine and get to know each other.  I’ll tell you about ME first!”

Moon – “Dear, bring me a tissue as I can’t help tearing up! My emotions always get the best of me. Let’s talk about all our feelings.”

Mercury  – “I’ve just had a really busy day popping in and out of all of these places.  I’m excited to meet you and can’t wait to chat!”

Venus – “Darling – you are just beautiful.  I love your outfit, makeup and hair.  Is that a Louis Vitton your carrying?  I simply LOVE tasteful style! Let’s get to know each other by talking about all the things we love.”

Mars – “It’s TIME TO PARTY!”  Let’s get loose and party the NIGHT away!  Who cares if we break a few bottles along the way – you only live once!”

Jupiter –  “I’m having a GREAT day!  I love life and always feel super positive!  How ’bout you?”

Saturn – “Man – my life sucks.”  No  matter what I do – I just can’t get it right.  Let’s talk about all our problems.”

Uranus – “So excited to meet you – I love a blind date.  There’s nothing that makes me more giddy than a good surprise.  I also love getting to know about what makes a person unique – tell me what makes you different.”

Neptune – “I am simply loving these cocktails.  Let’s order a few more and get lost in each other.”

Pluto – “Yeah – I’m glad we got to meet.  Let’s get deep and talk about all our most personal secrets.”

Who would you like to meet this weekend??  I know I have my favorite picks 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


Kicked Down But NOT Kicked Out

15 May

Phoenix-Rising7I’m feeling it – there’s a planetary shift that’s occurring.  Things are heating up and the BIG “Pluto-Uranus Square” is looming.  It’s actually getting closer and closer and will peak on May 20th which is just a few days away.   If you’re a part of it – you already know it.  You’ve been feeling the stress for a few months now because these planets like to take their time in messing with us!

Astrologers have been talking about this planetary fight for a while and I’ve written quite a few articles on it myself.  My favorite probably is this one which talks about how these two powerhouse planets are forcing us to change – despite our adamant protests! I personally know it’s not fun because I myself was caught up in these challenging energies last year when these two bullies were first duking it out.

I was actually just thinking about the power of a force like this and how it can make us feel like we’re kicked to curb.  There’s nothing worse than feeling kicked down and beat up.  Sadly, these planets are known for doing that to us hence the reason they’ve got a bad rep.  What I pondered, however, is not the kicked down part but rather how one can rise themselves back up from the great fall they sometimes must take.  It’s always up to us to get back up again and we all have the capacity to do it – even if you think you don’t.

I’m sure we all have heard about the powerful story of the “Phoenix who rose up from the ashes.”  This awe inspiring symbol is truly the essence of any Pluto transit.  How can you not feel the power as you look at those awful flames …… and then rising up out of that pain and darkness is a beautiful bird.  This is exactly what Pluto does – he burns you down but IF you listen to his message and get up from your fall he will rise you up higher than you ever were before.

So if you feel like you are being taken down right now – hang tight my friends! Your day will come again and you’ll rise up and out of the flames you’re being pressured against now.  Remember that kicked down does not mean kicked out – this is the beauty of Pluto.  You will persevere and come out of it and become stronger than you ever were.  Your day will come again – I promise 🙂

Here’s to everyone caught up in challenges – hang in there and know that good things do eventually come out of all of our struggles!

Pluto & Pandora’s Box

4 Aug

A Looksy Inside Pandora's Box http://www.crystalbastrology.com

Astrology is very much connected to mythology and the planets have a lot of connections with all of the stories about the Gods.  In one of the Greek myths, there’s the story about a woman named Pandora and I thought about her as I was pondering Pluto and how he affects each of us.  

To make a long story short, Pandora lived in a worry problem free world and unfortunately gave into temptation – as we all do from time to time! One day, Zeus her father and the king of all the Gods, gave Pandora a special box with a lock on it and told her NEVER to open it.  He gave the key to her husband to safeguard and also told him not to open it.  Of course Pandora was full of curiosity and curiosity always gets the best of us – unfortunately!   She had a hard time being an obediant daughter and after a while temptation overcame her!  As we all know temptations are very hard to escape sometimes. 

One night, when her husband was sleeping she stole the key that Zeus gave him and opened the box.  When Pandora opened the box all of these ugly bugs flew out – which turned out to be all of the ugliness of the world like hate, envy and sickness.  She quickly closed the box but it was too late 😦  All of the harsh things about our world were released. 

Pluto is very much like Pandora’s box and wherever he is in our charts lies all our worries, ugliness and fears.  He can take us down to the depths of the lowest of the low in whatever area of our life he destroys. 

There is a positive twist to all of this though – see Pandora opened the box one last time to show her husband what had come out and when she did – a beautiful butterfly emerged.  In the myth, the butterfly represents hope so with all the bad that came out we were granted hope along with it. This paradox is similar to the energy of Pluto – for wherever he takes us down – he has the ability to rise us back up and restore all that was lost. 

The rebuild of what was lost is never easy but it is possible and when it happens the final result is usually a lot more solid then what was there before.  So the key to Pluto is to keep your hope through the destruction and if you do he’ll rise you back up to something greater than before.


Pondering Pluto ….

8 Apr
Pluto by Crystal B http://www.crystalbastrology.com

Pluto’s not moved a whole lot this week.  His movements have slowed down to less than a snail’s pace.  A sloth (and if you’ve ever seen one you know ho slooooooowwww they go) would be moving faster than Pluto is these days!

But going this slow means a lot in the astrological world.  When a planet slows down from his current movement -it basically is motionless for s few days.  It is during this time that we can feel the effects of their energy powerfully!  So if you’ve had more difficult week – Pluto’s motionlessness is probably one of the factors behind it.

Pluto’s been challenging a lot of people lately – particularly Capricorns, Libras & Aries so these signs may be feeling the effects of his “staitioning”.  He’ll start moving again on the 9th backwards and take us deeper into transformation!  He can certainly make things tough on us but if we put in the hard work the results can be quite spectacular!

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