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A Pisces New Moon With A Fated Twist – Coming Up!

5 Mar

mermaids2 I’ve been waiting for this New Moon for a while now – but that’s because I’m a Pisces and this one will have a big impact on the watery sign.  On March 11th, we’ll have our last New Moon (22 degrees Pisces)of the Astrological Year (April – March) and I bet it’ll pack a powerful punch. Cocktails included since Pisces is known for indulging in a few!

As with all endings, it’s a good time to look back and see just how far you’ve come in the last year.  Remember to practice a Piscean trait and be kind to yourself as you look back.  You can also take this time to look ahead and you may just get a glimmer of where your next steps will take you.  Exciting isn’t it?

One of the things that makes this New Moon so very special – however –  is that the Moon’s Nodes will be operating in its powerful energy. The Moon’s Nodes are powerfully connected to our fate and destinies so be watchful for life’s little signs that may reveal themselves to you. Sounds pretty neat right? A sign every now and again would definitely help – so I say bring this New Moon ON!

Something else to keep in mind is that we’ll have an over-whelming number of planets in Pisces.  It’s SO much that my senses just can’t take it!  There will be SEVEN planets total living in the sea – including the Moon.  This could seriously make the most unemotional person cry for no reason …. so if you see weird feelings coming out from the weirdest of places … remember what I told you 😉

This powerful line-up will make all of the Piscean traits very apparent – in ourselves as well as others.  We’ll feel things very deeply, have an overwhelming sense of empathy, feel an urgency to help someone and perhaps even take on someone else’s problem a little too personally.  Pisces is also a very spiritual and artistic sign and you may feel compelled to do something artsy or take a time out and relax.  Maybe you’ll even have an urge to take a yoga class …. I say go for it since I personally LOVE YOGA!

Pisces, along with the other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) should feel the biggest benefits.  For everyone else – try to embrace all these emotions coming out of the woodwork and remember that it’s ok to show some feeling every once and again 😉


Virgo Full Moon Ahead – With A BIG Twist of Pisces

22 Feb

whimsical-treeGet ready Virgos and Pisces – we’ve got a Virgo Full Moon coming up – taking place in just a few days on February 25th. Full Moons are always known for bringing things out or making things happen.  Sometimes people just act strange around this time …. for no apparent reason.  There is something to be said for the power of the Moon – her movements are quick and she has a real affect on our emotions.  I think this Full Moon in particular will be powerfully emotional since there is so much Pisces mixed in it.

When the Moon is full she highlights the sign she’s in (Virgo) and contrasts the sign she opposes (Pisces).  This Full Moon is going to really emphasize a lot of Pisces since we’ll have 6 planets in the sign.  YES I’m going to count Venus who enters Pisces only a few hours after the Full Moon is exact.

I actually think that Venus entering Pisces right after the peak is significant since whenever a planet is in the 29th degree it’s important.  It’ll likely bring matters of the heart ( Venus /Pisces) and practicalities (Virgo) to the surface since a Full Moon likes to light up things we’ve been hiding from (whether we realize it or not).

Jupiter’s also tied into this Full Moon and he sometimes can make us dive deep and question things since he’s a philosopher at heart.  Make sure to be open to any signs that may possibly reveal themselves as well as trust  your instincts – even if you don’t want to.  AND don’t forget to let your heart take over 😉

PS. Early degree Geminis will likely feel this one prominently too! Let’s bring it on – this Pisces is ready 😉

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The Magic of Pisces

19 Feb

cinderellaCinderella’s always been one of my favorite Disney classics.  Over the last several years, I’ve watched it more than “a lot” because my 6 yr old daughter loves all of the Disney princesses.  I never tire of it and get whisped away in a land where dreams really do come true.  I simply just get caught up in the magic of the story. But alas – of course this would be the case for myself – for you see I’m a Pisces 😉

When I was born the Sun was in the mystical – watery – sensitive – sign of Pisces just like it is today and will be for the next month or so.  The Sun actually just entered the last sign of the zodiac (yesterday to be precise) and will remain here through March 19 when it’ll start its new journey around the zodiac (which begins with Aries).

Pisces is the end of the zodiacal wheel – the sign where things culminate – or even get tossed or left behind.  There are many good attributes that come along with it – but there are drawbacks as well.   Cinderella, for example, was a perfect Pisces.  She lived a life of sacrifice, endured through her hardships and remained ever so patient.  However, she definitely dreamed some big dreams along the way and did get caught up in the magic …. but who wouldn’t with a Fairy Godmother like that!

Pisces loves fantasies – is a master story teller – and most of all a true artist.  It can see beauty where no one else can.  It’s also very sensitive and mystical – a true romantic!  One of it’s very best attributes – however – is it’s ability to be open minded.  A true Pisces will never judge you as he can empathize with you like no one else will.

Now of course there are plenty of drawbacks to these fine qualities. Look at Cinderella and you’ll see some of them.  If a Pisces isn’t careful, they can easily be taken advantage of and treated like a doormat …. gosh didn’t you just cringe with the way she was treated?  They can also see things in a way that is not really clear and look at things through rose colored glasses instead of facing up to the realities of a situation. Their sensitivities can also get the best of them and they can drown in their sorrows.  They can also absorb too much of others around them since they are the sponges of the zodiac and can easily soak up everyone’s problems.  There is always a price to be paid for being too caring and Pisces ends up feeling it the most.

Right now we’ve got 5 planets in Pisces and in about 6 days or so – there will be a total of 6!  So if you get caught up in a romantic bubble of illusion, end up listening to someone’s problems,  taking care of someone who needs help or simply feel like telling a beautiful story – just go with it and run with the Magic of Pisces 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me and All My Fellow Pisces!

28 Feb

Yes – I am a Pisces and proud of it 😉

I’m about to celebrate my birthday in a few days and I wanted to wish all of my fellow fish a Happy Birthday as well.  You’re all invited to my Pisces Party!

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