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Fasten Your Seatbelts – Approaching Final Destination

19 May

fasten your seatbeltThe moment has finally arrived – the peak of it all.  A turning point is here for all of us – we have arrived at our final destinations.  Some of gotten here by the skin of their teeth and others have managed to muscle through without breaking a sweat (albeit I’ve yet to meet that person!).  Man o man – it’s certainly been an interesting – yet bumpy ride!

On Monday, May 20th we’ll have Pluto and Uranus in an exact square which simply means it’s the height of these powerhouse planet’s challenging energy.  These are the two that have been making us face change in our lives and basically forcing us to do things under someone else’s rules.  If you are affected then you’ve probably been feeling the tension, stress and push for months so this really comes as no surpise.

Some of us have lost some things in the fight but keep in mind that you’ll eventually get better things back in return.  The nice thing to know is that it is now peaked and the energy will start to ebate.  What’s done is done and now it’s time to pick up the pieces.

However – and yes I’m sorry to say there is a big- illusive – can’t hide however 😉  We’ve got to deal with one last eclipse and a SuperMoon rolled into one – YIKES!  This grand finale will take place during the wee hours of May 25th.  So we’ll likely be feeling this big time around the 23rd/24th.  This final eclipse is the last in a three part series that we’ve been dealing with since the end of April.  I had cautioned everyone, in my Caught Up in Oz post,  to not make any major decisions till this final eclipse.

The reason for that is because eclipses bring things “out of the dark.”  They light things up in our lives that we either totally forgot about, pushed aside to deal with later, or simply had no knowledge of it in the first place.  I don’t know about you guys but I know that I’ve had several things come to light since the end of April and I’m curious to see what the final piece of the puzzle is!

This last eclipse is a Lunar one which means it’s a super charged up Full Moon.  It’s also a SuperMoon which adds even more instensity and FLAVOR to our spicy cocktail!  This super planetary phenomeon will take a Gemini-Sagittarius theme since these are the two signs at play.  Full Moons will end something in our lives and the context here will be forces of your mind (Gemini) and your beliefs (Sagittarius).  The eclipse itself takes place in 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Have you been true to yourself throughout this battle? It’s not always entirely possible – particularly when you’re being forced to change.  Things shift for a lot of us at this final destination and remember to “trust your gut” when it all comes out.  Believe in yourself and whatever you feel is right this week.  Even though things may not be entirely on your terms – you are the one who can ultimately decide how and where to go in this new foreign land you’ve arrived in!

Good luck to everyone and make sure to fasten your seatbelts 🙂


Readings Are Back & All It Took Was A SuperMoon!

28 Sep

Readings are back! For now, I’m only offering phone or email consults and parties.  If you are interested contact me at info@crystalbastrology.com. Those funny little planets always have a way of reeling us back in to things we’re not supposed to run from.  For me that’s my astrology and they’ve made it apparent that I can’t abandon trying to figure them out 😉

It’s funny how all it took was the MAJOR SUPERMOON we’ve got coming up tomorrow to toss be back into my astrology work 🙂  This interesting phenomenon will be happening in 7 degrees Aries and will pack a powerful punch to all those involved.  One thing is for sure … if you are impacted – life will certainly not be dull for you.

This super hot Full Moon (a super moon is basically a full moon with a lot of extra power behind it) is going to be mixing the energy of Uranus and Pluto.  Uranus and Pluto have been battling it out for a few months now and they are forcing us to change whether we like it or not.  The energy going on right now is pushing us to make those changes and walk roads we’ve never walked before.  I know from personal experience that these changes can be rough and tough – but in the end they are WORTH IT!

Change is difficult for most of us – but the truth of the matter is we can’t run from who we are.  My personal battle has been with my gift of Astrology but this SuperMoon is helping me to see that Astrology is just who I am.  I choose not to run anymore and I thank this SuperMoon for helping me to do that 🙂

If you’re curious about where this change may be impacting you or if you’re just curious about what the planets have to say – contact me at info@crystalbastrology.com and schedule your next reading.

SuperMoon Number Two On The Horizon!

26 Apr

We’ve got our second super charged full moon  coming up in a little over a week – and we should get ready for the ride it may take us on.  Full Moons can produce eventful times for us – particularly on the ending front.  However a SuperMoon “super charges” things and there’s no doubt that this one will do that.

The evening of May 5th marks this season’s second SuperMoon which takes place in the secretive sign of Scorpio.  This is a sign that loves keeping a secret so be prepared for some hidden things to potentially surface here.  Due to the planetary combinations at hand with this SuperMoon we may end up rethinking certain things – particularly when it comes to money or our security.

At the same time that the SuperMoon is taking place, Venus will be getting reading to turn direction – or go into her retrograde motion which basically means she’s going to start moving backwards.  When Venus turns she makes us really dive deep when it comes to things of the heart such as relationships.  Venus also has connections with money and our possessions so all of these things may also come into focus during this time.

You might end up thinking about what really matters to you at the end of the day?  All of these combining things may make you face the truth that maybe what you’re striving for is not really what matters most to you.  Maybe you’ve been over-valuing monetary type things and under-valuing your relationships – or vice versa.

Whatever ends up happening – the truth regarding what’s really in your heart will surface.  Your values may take a turn here as you uncover what really matters most to you.

A Battle Between Independance & Relationships is What This Week’s SuperMoon Will Bring!

2 Apr

We’ve got  a Full Moon in Libra ahead this week which will take place on April 6th.  This is actually going to be a “supercharged” Full Moon (the 1st of five this year) which is going to put a little more “power” behind the punch of it.  A SuperMoon as they call it, intensifies everything about the Full Moon.

With any Full Moon, there’s a pull between two forces which are symbolized by the signs.  Here we’ll have Libra (the sign symbolizing togetherness, relationships and the balance between two people)battling Aries (the sign symbolizing one’s freedom, individuality and the force that wants us to be free). This SuperMoon will cause a face-off these of two sides and it’ll be up to us to decide which side wins.

Perhaps – though – there is the possibility that you’ll be able to integrate the two and give into each side’s needs. This will be the challenge brought to us here.

Seventeen degrees Libra and Aries will feel the effects of this Full Moon the strongest.  If you have any planets in your chart in close proximity to either of these points -brace yourself for the challenges ahead.  No side is better over the other – it’s the ability to harmonize both that will hopefully win the day.

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