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Drama, Fate and Twists of Destiny All At Play Right Now In the Relationship Department

24 May

There’s a big emphasis on relationships right now and one of the reasons behind this has a lot to do with the planet Venus.  Most often referred to as the planet of love, Venus has been dancing backwards in the sky for several weeks already.  Her backwards movement is causing many of us to re-evaluate our current relationships and perhaps see it in a brand new light.

Astrologers refer to Venus’ backwards motion as her retrograde period.  She goes into retrograde (backwards) motion every 18 months or so.  This is a key time for anybody involved in a relationship – as well as those looking to embark upon one.

Venus started moving back on May 16th and if you’re in a current relationship you might have started looking at it differently since this time.  Love can be tested and communications can be more difficult than usual.  Certain things may have come to light that you never realized before.

The nice thing about this period is that it can be beneficial in helping to make a relationship stronger – although going through this realization can sometimes be difficult.  It could work in the opposite way, as well, where all the things that come to light make you realize that the relationship may not be what you really want.  Acceptance of having to let something go can stir many emotions within.  Some of us will have an easier time in letting the love go while others may not be willing to set it free as easily.

For those of us looking for love, this is a time to lay low in the relationship department.  Relationships that start when Venus is in her retrograde motion are usually short-lived. I don’t want to deny anyone going out there and having fun but holding off a month or so could really have a big impact on anything love related.

Now here’s the fun part … Venus will start moving forward on June 28th and this will be a big time for many of us.  The days leading up to Venus getting reading to turn direction are powerful in the love department.  Many people report meeting the love of their life during this time.  There will be a strong sense of destiny and fate in the air.  If you meet someone during this time – watch out – it could be big!

This period will also be huge for those of us in the re-evaluation phase of a current relationship.  Hold off on making any big decisions till the end of June.  Chances are that Venus’ powerful energy will revolutionize your thinking about what it is that you really want and keep an eye out for June 4-6th. This time period could throw in a fateful twist in the love arena since Venus will make a mighty powerful and rare alignment with the Sun.  In addition to that, there’s going to be a Lunar Eclipse at the same time which will likely bring out even more twists of destiny in fate in regards to love matters.   So stay tuned 😉


A Battle Between Independance & Relationships is What This Week’s SuperMoon Will Bring!

2 Apr

We’ve got  a Full Moon in Libra ahead this week which will take place on April 6th.  This is actually going to be a “supercharged” Full Moon (the 1st of five this year) which is going to put a little more “power” behind the punch of it.  A SuperMoon as they call it, intensifies everything about the Full Moon.

With any Full Moon, there’s a pull between two forces which are symbolized by the signs.  Here we’ll have Libra (the sign symbolizing togetherness, relationships and the balance between two people)battling Aries (the sign symbolizing one’s freedom, individuality and the force that wants us to be free). This SuperMoon will cause a face-off these of two sides and it’ll be up to us to decide which side wins.

Perhaps – though – there is the possibility that you’ll be able to integrate the two and give into each side’s needs. This will be the challenge brought to us here.

Seventeen degrees Libra and Aries will feel the effects of this Full Moon the strongest.  If you have any planets in your chart in close proximity to either of these points -brace yourself for the challenges ahead.  No side is better over the other – it’s the ability to harmonize both that will hopefully win the day.

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