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Your Part of Fortune & Some Other Neat Parts

12 Jun

We all have these “hot spots” in our charts which astrologer’s refer to as “Arabic Parts.”  The most common one used is our Part of Fortune.  I’ve seen this hot spot, as I like to refer to it, activated in my own chart as well as many other charts I work with.  When we’re talking about fortune or good things that can come to us the sky’s the limit!  There’s a broad spectrum of what I’ve seen manifest but whatever ends up happening it is indeed fortunate for that person.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with some of the other Arabic Parts.  I was following the “Land Journeys” part in someone’s chart and what do you know .. when it was triggered that person ended up going on a “land journey” out of the blue!  I’ve also got my eye on the “Sudden Advancement” part in a few people’s charts and I’m curious to see how that one reacts when sparked.  I’m thinking it’s going to be some sort of career advancement or something that enhances the finances. 

I’m going to be watching some other parts a lot more because it’s just so neat to see how these play out in our lives.  I also think they are another great tool that can give us some hope when looking out on the things that could happen for us. Here’s just a few that are quite interesting:

Part of Love
Part of Marriage
Part of Inheritances
Part of Water Journeys (not to be confused with the Part of Land Journeys)
Part of Understanding
Part of Private Enemies (this is quite an interesting one!)
Part of Profession
Part of Nobility & Honour (I wonder if this affects us “regular ‘ol people” who have no royal blood … haha)

So here’s to all our Arabic parts in our charts and all the goods things they could bring out in our lives.  You never know … your Part of Fortune could be sparked soon and help you out of a jam or add a fortunate twist to something going on in your life 😉 

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