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How the Planets Will Help You Get to the Places You’ll Go in Life

19 Jun

Oh,_the_Places_You'll_GoI’m sure many of us have read the classic, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Suess.  It pops up a lot around this time of year, especially, since there’s alot of students (of all ages) graduating from various schools.  This fun and whitty book is a nice little token to anyone embarking on a life directional change – which is typically the case when we finish a school and have to head out into the wide open world.

Now being that I’m an astrologer, I can’t help but connect this particular time of graduations and ceremonies with astrology and the planets.  Anytime our life direction changes – whether it be graduating from high school, college or even getting a new job or meeting a significant person – there is something that shows up in our astrology charts that triggers these changes. I absolutely love seeing these “sparks” because when they pop up – something new is always on the horizon for the person.

One of the most special astrological places that reveals life directional changes is called our Midheaven.  It is placed at the very peak of our astrological charts and shows where we can shine in the public eye.  Our Midheavens are ruled over by a certain sign of the zodiac and that is a clue for what we’re “born” to do in life career wise.  Our Midheavens are afterall determined by your exact time of birth.

It reveals what we’d do best when picking a professoin – as well as where we would thrive the best and what would make us happiest.  Unfortunately, some of us don’t get to do precisely what we want and the issue of compromise always comes into the play at some point or another.  It nice to take a look at it though and find out what you’d really excel in.  Deep down we always know the answers anway but some of us have a hard time seeing our talents and this is where Astrology can be so beneficial.  Even if you can’t pick a profession that astrologically suits you, it is always possible to incorporate your “planetary talents” into something in your life regardless if it makes you money or not.

Each time one of the moving planets triggers our Midheaven, or the planet that is connected to it, a life directional change can happen.  A New Moon, Full Moon or eclipse on your Midheaven is another fascinating trigger and I’ve seen lots of things occur when  it gets highlighted by the Moon in all of these different ways.  It’s always up to us to decide whether or not to take the new road the planets paved for us.  This is where the matter of free will comes into play.

I have seen many people decide to pass opportunities up because they don’t really see them as such at the time.  One of the benefits of astrology is that you can note each time your Midheaven is triggered and realize that something may be an opportunity even though you don’t realize it in the moment.  Many times when you look back, you are more aware that whatever happened at that time started something entirely new for you.  One of the misconceptions about Astrology is that it’s all about the future – but in all honesty there’s a great deal of the past that comes into play as well 😉

Lastly, it’s important to remember that opportunities can come when we least expect it.  Even though you may not realize it,  the planets are always aligning to do something to push us further along our path and get us closer to the places we need to go.  Sometimes endings are beginnings and challenges are opportunities.  Each time our direction changes the planets are part of it in some way or another.  They are always there in some way or another trying to help us get to the places we need to go!


When Life Takes You In a New Direction

31 Mar

Life isn’t a one way street.  I think some of us want it to be sometimes because getting off the current path can be awfully difficult.  Let’s face it – CHANGE is tough and for the most part a lot of people have a hard time with it.  Rightfully so, though, since it’s incredibly difficult to switch things up.  It makes us uncomfortable because when we change we don’t know what’s coming next. 

I honestly think that it what is so hard about change – the “not knowing.”  Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s TOUGH!  However it comes about – it comes for a reason and most often you don’t figure out that reason till you’ve accepted the change! 

Astrologically, we can tell when change is  a comin’.   In our charts, we all have something called our Midheaven and this is a special spot in all of our charts that rules our life direction.  These directions can include our careers, social status changes (like marriage/divorce/having children), and your general life path.  Whenever your Midheaven is sparked, on either the positive or negative, change is likely to happen and the course of our lives switch up a bit. 

The planets are always there in the background pushing us along in some way or another.  Sometimes they push us towards that new path – whether we like it or not 😉  There are some planets that make the change easy and well … there’s some that can make it hard. However it plays out for you it’s important to remember that you can’t get to where your going without travelling the roads of life and most people don’t have a life that goes just one way.

 So if you’re embarking upon change – let the planets take you on your new road and try to see where it goes.  You never know – you might end up a lot better off!

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