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Planetary Patience

17 Apr

The planets are notorious for making us wait. Some combinations that are thrown at us take all of our control away and tell us “you’ve got to wait it out.”  I’m not a fan of the word hate but I’ll tell you if there’s one thing I hate it’s patience.  Waiting is not fun ….. it’s awful and so time consuming 😉  Why can’t things just go the way we want?  But I guess that’s the whole point of patience …. the waiting.

Saturn’s notorious for making us wait it out … for taking his time in making us learn difficult lessons.  He’s moving back right now – or in retrograde motion – and if you feel like you’re caught up in a waiting game he could be your problem.  I know he means well in his whole “life lesson” work that he makes us endure but seriously Saturn – can’t you make the waiting game a bit easier for those of us that are impatient?

I don’t want to blame Saturn for all our woes …. you could be caught up in a Neptune – Uranus – or Pluto cycle too.  All of those guys are also notorious for taking a LONG time to complete their cycles.  Whenever you have to wait – the lessons are hard ones.

However, I do have hope that there is a benefit in the waiting game.  A lot of things can be revealed when we have to stop and actually look around at what’s happening.  We just have to keep our eyes open and be willing to really see what’s out there.

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