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Outrunning Those Pesky Squares

27 Oct

Is Outrunning Your Difficult Transits Possible?

In Astrology there are conjunctions, trines and squares and these are the three biggest planetary alignments that can create events in our lives.  I would think that every Astrologer has their own way of analyzing these combinations – just as I have my own.  With Astrology being a picture language – predictive Astrology is very much open to interpretation.

However, with time I do believe that I’ve been able to perfect my recipe for prediction using these various combinations! I’ve got a pretty good track record but I always tell everyone that Astrology is not a crystal ball and one never knows exactly how things will play out.  I will share that the planets always have a way of surprising us in one way or another and they’ll always find ways to do this – regardless if you know how to read them or not 😉

Rather than complicate matters (although Astrology is complicated!) and tell you the details behind each combination – I’ll just stick to the easy answers.  A trine is great – a square is not so great – and well a conjunction can go both ways!  Remember Astrology is complicated 😉  Everyone loves to hear about the trines …. and seriously who wouldn’t want to know that something good is coming up!  However, when it’s time to mention those darn squares things get rather troublesome.

A square challenges us – and most often it presents us with a a situation that can be stressful.  What’s important to remember – however – is that without challenge we never act.  So if you want to lead a life that’s pretty boring then you’ll want a lot of trines.  BUT if you want things to happen in your life then you’ve got to be challenged in order to push forward and get done what needs to get done.  Is it easy … no certainly not! But once the challenges pass there are usually a lot of benefits that can be found when the dust settles.

Now Astrology is about timing – and timing is everything 😉  I’ve been thinking about these squares and trying to decide if it’s possible to outrun a square.  What I mean by that is – if you know a challenge is coming up – can you avoid it?  I think the answer is – yes.  However – the challenge will always manifest in some way but perhaps you can curtail it to manifest in a way that is less troublesome for you.  For instance – if you know that you’ve got a challenge coming up (as you would if you have your chart analyzed by an Astrologer) it’s a time to lay low.  I tell people this all the time – including myself LOL 😉

I’m actually in the process of trying to outrun a few squares myself and it’s an interesting process.  Earlier in the week – I breathed a sigh of relief as my “challenging” day passed and nothing came to pass.  However – the very NEXT day an event found me which satisfied the challenge that the planets needed me to face.  I always tell people that things can happen a few days before or after the date of the combination and I neglected give the AFTER much consideration in my own life.  I learned my lesson!!!

Squares are going to create a challenge for you so if there’s one on the horizon you can expect that things will not necessarily go the way you want.  It’s not a time to have a confrontation with someone, ask for a favor or put yourself in a situation that could create some conflict for you.  The best thing to do is ride it out and wait for the square to pass AND then do what you need to do.  For one thing is certain and that is that things typically do not go our way when the planets are working against us.

You can use your trines, or beneficial combinations in the exact same way.  If you know a good day is coming up – then it’s time to put yourself out there and shine!  When the planets are working for you it’s a beautiful thing and we should reap the benefits of what they can offer.  It is ultimately up to you to put yourself out there – though.  The planets can help you out and create opportunities but because of our free will it’s up to us see them and grasp the benefits offered.

So here’s to everyone trying to outrun their squares … I know I’m going to always try to do it and while I may not avoid conflict entirely I am going to try to minimize it!  I wish the same for all of you – because a little less stress in our lives is never a bad thing 😉

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