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What’s Up With All These Houses!

5 Oct

 Astrological Houses that is 😉  Whenever somebody has their chart looked at, an Astrologer is always going to make reference to various houses.  You’re probably thinking “what the heck is this chick talking about?”  Well … the truth of the matter is that our lives are split into many different areas and in Astrology we call these “houses”. We’ve got our family area of life, our money area, our close relationships – like your husband or wife, your friends and a whole slew of other areas come along with all of these!

The neat thing about Astrology is that you can see a glimmer of which areas will be most important for you and in predictive Astrology you can tell when certain areas will be activated with life events. One very important note to keep in mind when thinking about this is that you can only get a glimmer of your house structure if you have your exact time of birth.  Pretty neat right?  Well .. maybe I’m a bit biased since I am an Astrologer after all 😉  However – it is insightful to be able to look and things and put a reason behind it.

For example – some people are all caught up in their careers and we could see this with a lot of activity in the 10th house since this is the area of your work.  Now … others could care less about that and are all about family which is covered by the 4th house.  I’m not going to go through all the different possibilities because they are truly endless!  The beauty in all this is that there’s a planetary reason behind all that you do or are driven to do – whether you realize it or not.  There’s nothing better than having the opportunity for me to tell someone what they are meant to do or which areas are the most active for them.  Sometimes – we actually don’t even realize it ourselves!

Now, there’s many different ways that Astrologers can “slice” up the pie so to speak.  There are quite a few different “house systems” that are used and for those that are curious my favorite is Placidus.  However, I sometimes use Equal and have ventured into others from time to time.  Most of you won’t care what the difference is.  The most important thing to take away from me telling you this is that some areas of your life will be more important than others.

Each of the planets is “living” in your houses and seeing these placements enhances your picture even more! Sometimes people have a many planets living in one house and this just emphasizes that area of their life even more.  There’s also the sign of the zodiac that rules over each house – that’s another important ingredient in the whole astrological mix!  It’s a little complicated to say the least 😉

At the end of the day – no matter which houses are most important in your chart – life is happening all around you and each of us will be affected differently.  We are all unique individuals living our own life and we all know that life can be ever so complicated at times 😉 BUT it is neat to have a little glimmer now and again – and that IS the Astrologer in me talking!

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