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Happy Mother’s Day

14 May

In Astrology the planetary symbol for your mother is denoted by the Moon in our charts.  There are a million and one different placements for how each person’s Moon could look …. but that is the beauty of all of us.  We’ve all been down different paths and have had to face different situations when it comes to our mothers.  She’s where our life began and you’ll always carry her with you in some way or another.

Each of us has our own experience with our mothers.  She is where the beginning of our emotional stability begins and takes root.  A child can see no wrong in their mother and will always run to her when they are scared or need support.  Interestingly enough – your Moon placement also denotes what makes you emotionally satisfied and this also stems from our mother’s presence.

A mother has a huge responsibility in our lives – but one that can be the most fulfilling and rewarding.  It’s a big job when it comes to raising children and then even beyond that.  It’s a beautiful thing to honor all that they do for us on a this special day and to remind them not to forget about themselves.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mother’s out there.  Hopefully you got some good pampering today 😉

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