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The Black Friday Eclipse!

14 Nov

Shopping on THIS Black Friday is going to be more than interesting!

I had mentioned my love of deals a few posts ago and since I’m in this heightened “deal finding” state I was thinking about going out on Black Friday.  Now – I’ve NEVER hit the stores on the craziest shopping day of the year.  Mainly because I’m mostly an internet shopper and well frankly because I can’t take the crowds of people.

I had touched base with one of my good friends – who is the “Black Friday Goddess” in my opinion since she knows exactly what to hit first and where.  She told me that it’s total mayhem out there but totally worth it.  When telling me about what to expect she mentioned things  like “deer seeing headlights,” total insanity and shopping throughout the night.  I was intrigued but scared at the same time! Could I be able to face the crowds and come home with a ton of amazing deals? 

So I began to ponder the thought of trying to catch a good deal while battling the mobs.  AND then it hit me …. Black Friday is on November 25th this year and do you know what that means?  It means that it’s the SAME day as the Solar Eclipse!  Those of you that have been getting my readings know that eclipses bring a power punch of events to our table – if we are affected.  However – eclipses in general make crazy and unexpected things happen.  I wonder what this could mean for all those shoppers out there running to try to catch a good deal?

I do believe that while it’s normally an insane day to hit the stores it’s going to be even crazier this Black Friday.  Whenever you throw an eclipse into the mix we can expect things to happen – and most often they can bring a touch of mayhem to our doorstep.  So with that being said – this Astrologer is going to lay low on this Black Friday.  I’d rather not mess with the crowds this year – or the eclipse that matter!  I think next year will be a better year for me to tackle the crowds 🙂

For all of you who are gearing up to get out there and “shop till you drop” – GOOD LUCK!  If the eclipse is working for you – than perhaps you’ll end up with some excellent treasures.  However – if the eclipse is working against you it might make your shopping experience a little crazier than the normal crazy 😉 

Here’s to the biggest shopping day of the year and all the wonders it may bring to each of you!


It’s Eclipse Time!

22 May

We’re embarking upon one of my favorite times of year – ECLIPSE time!  The summer months always have several eclipses that happen and these special planetary occurrences always manage to affect our lives in a BIG way!  It’s always interesting to me to see how these phenomenon play out in people’s lives (including my own!) and what sorts of events can manifest from its influence.

In the old days there was a lot of negative “hoopla” about the types of events an eclipse could spark in our lives.  However, today our thinking has changed a bit and we know that depending on how we are affected these eclipses could have a very positive influence in our lives.  I’ve seen many things happen to different people. The one thing that is certain is that if the eclipse triggers or adds to other things or planetary combinations going on in your chart – you can expect a more powerful punch in that life event!

The first eclipse will occur on June 1st and it occurs in the sign of Gemini.  Next up is June 15th and this one occurs in the ever expansive sign of Sagittarius!  This one actually falls right on my Moon so I’m extra curious to see how this will play out for me 😉  The last one of the summer occurs on July 1st and this one will be in the sign of the Crab – Cancer.  Anybody who has planets (in a degree with close proximity to the eclipse)  in Gemini, Sagittarius or Cancer can expect eventful periods.  Those with planets that have combinations in close proximity to these eclipses can also expect to feel the effects.  This basically means everybody is game – but it all depends on how where the planets live in your particular chart!
So here’s to all these eclipses and the eventful things they could bring to each and every one of us 😉
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