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Beautify NOW or Later? Venus’ Movement Back Could Have an Effect on Your New Do!

3 May

Thinking about a new do … well the planets may have a say in how things turn out with that.  Venus, the planet of beauty, is about to start moving backward or go retrograde.  If you’re thinking about getting a new due, haircut or freshening up your dye job do it ASAP.

It’s really better not to embark upon beautifying type things while the planet of beauty is moving back …. it just tends to mess things up!  I’ve heard too many stories of bad hair cuts/ dye jobs during this period.  Things just tend to go not as you hoped in the “beautifying” department during this time.

Venus starts her movement back on 5/16 and then will start moving forward again in late June.  So the question is … should you beautify now or wait till the end June?  I’m playing it safe and waiting till the end of June to get my new do 😉

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