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30 Mar

I’m an Astrology Mama – no doubt about it!  Astrology is with me everyday and if I ever meet you – well you can bet I’m probably going to think a bit about what your chart might look like.  I’m always thinking about how the planets will affect our lives and the possible scnerios for the way things might play out in all the charts I look at every week. 

Not too long ago I was pregnant with my son and it was quite exciting thinking about his birth and what his chart would look like.  You have no idea how mind racking it is for an astrologer to be pregnant and think about the endless planetary combinations her unborn child might have!

During my pregnancy with him I fully embarked upon my astrology venture.  Together we did a TON of charts and went to a lot of astrology parties where we met a lot of neat people and shared lots of astrology.  Being pregnant helped my astrological insight and I was nervous to do my first chart after having him because I thought my insight levels might go down!  Thankfully they didn’t and my planetary interpretations skills are still in check 🙂 

I truly love doing people’s charts because I know it helps people.  I was actually telling my husband the other day that it helps me to help others.  I am not majic though and always tell everyone that Astrology is not a crystal ball.  It sure would be nice if it was and to be quite honest make my life a lot easier! 

A lot of time is taken to deciper the complicated picture language of the planets and sometimes we are lucky and get it just right and other times the true meaning behind the transit could be missed.  I do think it’s fun waiting to see what happens with each transit and when I get it right it’s a great feeling and illustrates the true power of the planets.  When I get it wrong … well I must admit it’s tough but it also reminds me that the planets will always find a way to trick me and keep me on my game 😉

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