This is a Woman’s World Echoes Jupiter’s Entrance into Cancer

25 Jun

CHERCher had exquisite timing in her new single release entitled “This is a Woman’s World.”  I heard the tune a few days ago and I must admit it’s quite catchy.  I couldn’t help but crank up the volume in my car as I listened.  It made me proud to be a woman and it made me feel like I’m living in a time where women rule.  It’s pretty amazing how one of music’s most popular woman icons decided to make a come back just as Jupiter hits the sign of Cancer.  It’s not only Astrologically appropriate but echoes precisely what Jupiter is going to do as he glides through the sign of Cancer over the next year or so. If Jupiter in Cancer was a person, he’d be in my car listening to Cher’s new song too.  His vibe would be all about celebrating women and all their courage and beauty.  He’d be clapping and dancing around – all pumped up in the vibe.Jupiter in Cancer is going to work really well for alot of us.  The planet of abundance operates well in the sign of Cancer so this should end up manifesting in a good way in our lives.  A lot of things will likely benefit from the passage including real estate, family matters, mothers, our homes, inheritances, legacies and most of all anything relating to women.

Over the next few months I’m sure we’ll hear more things in the media celebrating women.  We’ll probably hear more powerful women speak their voices and people will likely listen.  As a woman myself I’m excited for it and eager to see just what else Jupiter in Cancer is about to deliver.  For the moment, I’m going to continue to crank up my radio every time “This is a Woman’s World” comes on.  I can’t help to think of Jupiter singing along with me too ;-)

So go ahead and get in the spirit – crank up your volume – and listen!


One Response to “This is a Woman’s World Echoes Jupiter’s Entrance into Cancer”

  1. THE ANCIENT LIBRARIAN June 25, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Bring it on! I’m ready for the harvest!

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