Nervous or not sure if you should get an Astrology Reading? Well …. here’s a few comments and reviews from clients that show how exciting and beneficial my readings can be!

“You can’t get any more accurate than Crystal B!  I also have my horoscope done regularly and not only is she extremely accurate but she helps me understand different phases I’m going through.  Crystal B is always supportive during rough times and celebrates with me when I prosper!  I’ve given her charts as gifts and recommended her to my dearest friends and family, no one has ever been dissatisfied.   Once you’ve had your chart done, I  guarantee not only will you be amazed but that you’ll become a regular too!!”

“I’m not sure how Crystal does it but, all I can say is that she’s ALWAYS dead on. Her reports blow me away every time! If you’re looking for someone who’s compassionate, attentive to your needs, incredibly resourceful all while having a ton of information regarding the planets and astrology- search no more as Crystal B.’s here to help!!!! I have been in contact with Crystal for quite some time and I’m always curious as well as looking forward to hearing what the planets have in store for me next!!!!! As I tell everyone: “Crystal B. Astrology is a definite must-try.”

“Crystal’s passion for astrology is wonderfully expressed in her charts. Her planetary explanations are clearly detailed and the dates are so on the money! I have had my chart done by Crystal for some years now, and every new one is welcomed with open arms and open mind. Crystal is an exceptional professional in this field. I highly recommend her to family and friends with great confidence that she will always deliver. May she continue to guide and enlighten all that seek her. Great gift idea!”

“Crystal B is the Best!!! I love her readings; they are very detailed, and always accurate! They give me a great insight of what is going on in my life and prepare me to deal with challenging situations; but what I love the best is to reflect on my readings and charts, gain perspective, and decide how to move on! And the best part are the surprises on the way! I am addicted to Crystal B!”

“Crystal B is right on the money!!  So many of the dates and occurrences on those dates have come to fruition.  I give readings to my friends and families as gifts.  Everyone loves them.  Crystal B has a GIFT!!!”

“Crystal B Astrology is fantastic!  Crystal has been so helpful to me in my most difficult times.  I enjoy having my horoscope done regularly and highlight the days she points out to me.  The insight that she has offered has helped me in both my career and personal life.  I’ve also given her reports as gifts and people have loved them!  I recommend Crystal B Astrology to everyone!”

“Crystal B is always on point with me. I have been getting my chart read for many years now and I am a true believer for what the planets have  in store for me. The gift which Crystal B brings is a unique talent and when times get tough for me I always look for help through astrology and Crystal B! I have introduced many of my friends to Crystal B and they are all believers and have yet to be dissatisfied. I am fortunate to have Crystal B during the hard time and the good times. See for yourself and you will be amazed by Crystal B and her talent!”

“I have been having my astrology done with Crystal B for many years now. Her guidance has helped me through many difficult times. Her accurate readings have given me the hope and stregth to overcome different situations. I keep coming back cause her readings haven’t failed me yet! Definitely worth trying!”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Crystal B Astrology. Crystal is not only extremely professional, friendly, helpful, she’s very knowledgeable and has a gift for astrology. Her readings are always very thorough and she’s very meticulous about details. She explains everything about my chart and helps me understand the complicated world of astrology. I have my readings done every several months and they always give me a better understanding of what i was/will be going thru. I am always impressed with the accuracy of my readings and look forward to receiving them. I highly recommend Crystal B Astrology to anyone and everyone interested or curious about astrology..You won’t be disappointed!”

“Are you a skeptic? Not really sure about astrology? Well, try Crystal once and you will be a believer. A friend of mine was trying to get pregnant for a while and when she did she had miscarriage after miscarriage. Feeling discouraged and stressed, I said to her she should ask Crystal for some insight. She was hesitant and not sure. Seeing she didn’t show much interest in getting in touch with Crystal, I did. I had to. My husband and I have had our charts done by Crystal and she has been accurate and very helpful. You can see she has a special connection to what she does.
One year ago, I asked Crystal if she can do a fertility chart for my friend and she did. Crystal basically said when would be the best months to conceive and she let me know that my friend would get pregnant and have children. She said it was inevitable, as she could see it from the positioning of the planets. I sent my friend the information and she felt relieved, happy, but she was still unsure.  My friend gave birth to twins on Dec 4, 2012. That day she became a mother and a believer…”


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