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Taking a Different Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

9 Jan
Exploring Your Natal Chart – A Unique Picture All About You

Each of us will leave our own mark or stamp in the world and we all have a picture to prove it.  A person’s natal chart, or the picture of the planets at the moment of your birth, could be thought of as your own personal stamp.  The time and place of your birth marks your picture and a beautiful thing it could be.

Your natal chart shows all neat sorts of things about you and your personality – including how you view the world, your luck and challenge in life and prominent traits.  It also shows which areas are the most active in your life as well as where you’ll shine.  We all shine somewhere … whether you think so or not!
Since we are heading into a New Year, I know a lot of us are thinking or probably implementing some resolutions to start the year off on the right foot.  However, I decided to take a different approach and instead of making changes I thought it might be fun to embrace the you that you already are.
Self improvement can happen all year long and we should all tackle it at some point. But perhaps taking a different approach might be a bit more fun than hitting the gym 😉
Make 2012 the year that you learn more about who you really are and what you’re really good at using Astrology and looking at your own stamp or Natal Chart.  The planets can be quite revealing in letting us know more about ourselves and how we see the world.  It can really be such a wonderful view and reading a little bit about yourself can be quite entertaining and probably a bit more fun than cutting carbs 😉
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