Saturn in Scorpio About to Turn Direct With Jupiter and Neptune Sweetening the Deal

29 Jun

cv_99_37472Saturn is an interesting planet.  He’s a sour lemon and probably would always pass on dessert because he never indulges.  Most often we tend to dislike him and certainly for good reason (who doesn’t like dessert after all!).  However, every once and again we’re glad for the grounding he can create in our lives and I think one of those times is coming up.  Saturn’s about to turn direction and start moving forward!

My interesting friend, Saturn, is all about Scorpio right now since this is the sign he’s living in.  Scorpio’s skin is challenging Saturn to look at intimacy issues as well as control and domination.  We may even be feeling some of these challenges in our own lives in some way or another because of his presence in the secretive yet powerful sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio doesn’t want to give in but Saturn is going to make him in some way or another.

This is what happens when Saturn moves through a sign – he demands reform and makes sure that he fixes things so that our lives will be more balanced and efficient.  We may think we have all of these things in certain areas – but Saturn disagrees as he move through your chart.  He’s the radar detector looking for speeders – ready to stop you in route and give you a big fat ticket.

Right now Saturn –  aka: task master, beast of burden, boss, reformer, authority figure, father time, malefic, planet of challenge, disciplinarian, etc. – is getting reading to start moving forward.  This is pretty huge because he’s been moving backwards, or retrograde, since about mid February.  Some of us have kind of felt a little stuck since that time.  You can actually think back to what happened to you then and all that you’ve learned since.  You’ll soon be using that knowledge to move ahead.

What Saturn’s move forward means is that many of us may be getting ready to take big leaps in our lives – or perhaps become more courageous in taking charge and being able to accomplish what we want.  We’re going to be ready to take what we’ve learned since February and apply it to accomplishing our goals now.  I realize that taking a leap into new territory isn’t exactly easy – but I guess that’s Saturn for you!  He never makes anything easy.

This turn, however, is special because something really neat is about to happen right around the same time that Saturn turns direct.  His energy will likely be exactly what he usually isn’t – easy.  This is going to work in wonderful ways for many of us – because he’ll have some major planetary help at that time.  He’ll be operating in something special called a Grand Trine with Jupiter (the lucky planet) and Neptune (the creative planet) and this combination is not only lucky but will likely balance Saturn’s harsh ways.  It’s kind of like adding some “fluff” or something sugary sweet to the bitter planet.

The Grand Trine, which is a configuration of 3 planets in a harmonious and lucky combination, will be peaking around July 17th – 19th.  However, we’ll be feeling it’s positive effects for a good part of July and it will likely begin with Saturn’s turn around the 7th.  There’s also going to be a New Moon in Cancer right around then (on the 8th) which will only add to Saturn’s big move in positive ways.

So I must say I’m looking forward to Saturn’s turn.  I will also say that I’m pretty thankful that Jupiter and Neptune will be sweetening the deal – because I’m all about dessert ;-)


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