A Magical Pathway With Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn in Tow

12 Jul

magic pathway 1Every once and again something pretty neat comes along via the planets. Yes …. they are always turning (they planets change position every 2 minutes) but it’s not often that they move in a direction that is simply special.  It’s kind of like we’re walking down a magical pathway and nobody’s quite sure where the path will lead…. but it looks soooo pretty at the end that we just can’t help moving closer.

Right now we’re in one of those special and rare kind of planetary times that could deliver something spectacular. I like to think of it as a once in a life time kind of thing – because quite honestly it won’t be happening again for quite a long while.  If you’re affected (early water sign degrees which include Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio – particularly 4 degrees will feel it the most) you could really benefit in a big way.  A planetary blessing of some sort could be in play for you.

The reason for this “planetary something special” has to do with three planets.  Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all moving together to form a beneficial combination called a “Grand Trine.” A Grand Trine is a opportunistic formation and since these planets are slower moving (Neptune being the slowest and Jupiter the fastest) it’s not that often that they meet up in such a beneficial way.

Jupiter is the lucky planet that just makes opportunity fall out of the sky while Saturn is the taskmaster planet that keeps us in check.  He’ll only benefit us after we’ve put in some hard work. Neptune is the dreamer that whips up everything grand that fluffy dreams are made of.  He’s the planet that makes us fall in love and get caught up in the moment.

What could all three of these energies working together bring you ask?  We’ll, time will tell my friends!  It’s certainly a special thing and if you’re in the midst of any new opportunities then you’re probably walking through this magical path.  I think in regards to love matters, there’s high probability of people “rekindling” old romances or “reconnecting” in some special way.  Meeting someone new may not be the best thing since we are in Mercury retrograde – but that ends on July 20th. You typically don’t end up staying with people you meet during Mercury retrograde – but it’s a great energy for going back to past relationships. However, anyone you are hanging around with right now could be inspiring in some way, make you feel good about yourself or motivate you to follow your dreams.

We’re in the peak of it now with the Grand Trine moving exact between July 17-19th.   However, the effects are in play for most of July so embrace it and feel the magic 🙂


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