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June’s Supercharged Full Moon Delivers Power vs. Love

20 Jun

love_powerJune’s Full Moon is rapidly approaching and I bet you are likely feeling the effects right about now if it’s touching your chart significantly.   My reason for saying that is because this is a SuperMoon, which in laymen’s terms is basically a supercharged full moon.

Full Moons occur when the Moon opposes the Sun so there’s always a “push-pull” of two different energies during that time.  In this case, the Moon will be in Capricorn  (2 degrees to be precise) and the Sun will be in Cancer.  The opposition of the planets creates a face off. If your chart is triggered you end up feeling the battle of energies in your own life.

So what does a battle or face off between Capricorn and Cancer look like?  Well, in order to answer that we have to understand those signs a little better. Capricorn is all about power and looking good – he’s the buttoned up super good looking business man that will do anything to climb his way to the top of the ladder.  Power and prestige is something he’ll risk anything to get.  He’s the voice that whispers …. “I don’t care who gets upset – this has to be done.”

Now Cancer is anything but that …. you can think of this sign as the exact opposite!  Cancer will forget to take care of herself in order to take care of somebody else.  She doesn’t care about power or prestige and would die a thousand deaths before letting anything harm her loved ones.  Close connections and intimacy with others is what she yearns for.  She’s the voice that whispers ….. “I’ll make everything better.”

It’s an interesting power struggle and since I’m a visual person, I’m picturing a stay at home mom duking it out with a powerful CEO.  If your chart is triggered by this Supermoon – then somewhere in your life you’ll be having this battle.  The “stay at home mom” within you will be battling it out with that “CEO.”  Each has merit and their own way of getting things done – but the winner can only be determined by you.

Compromise and balance is key with any full moon.   That stay at home mom is going to have to learn to take a little help from others and that powerful CEO is going to have to learn to give something back.   The Supermoon occurs during the very early hours of Sunday morning so you’ll likely feel the effects most intensely on Saturday.  How it will play out for each of us is the big mystery to soon be revealed 😉

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