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Astrology and Luck

14 Mar

luckWe all need a little luck every now and again and with St. Patrick’s Day coming up I started to think about this – planetary style!  Our Astrological Charts reveal when we will be lucky – or when an opportunity may find us.  Since I’m always eager to find good things in a person’s chart (including my own!) – I love coming across good combinations that could potentially bring something of a benefit to a person.

Natally (the placement of the planets when you were born) speaking, Jupiter and Venus are the greatest “gift-givers.”  When either is sparked in our charts – we could be granted all sorts of opportunities.  I also like to look at a person’s North Node and Part of Fortune – because those bodies also tend to give something beneficial back.  All of the planets (yes even Saturn and Pluto) can deliver opportunities and give us special blessings depending on how they are operating for you at a given time period.

Any luck to be found in your own chart will always depend on all the various placements in your chart.  However – for the most part when any of these “benefics” (as we call them in Astro language) is touched off – something beneficial could be felt.  With that being said- there is a caveat to beneficial sparks coming out in your chart.  Unless we are naturally lucky (and yes some people are just born that way – but most are not!) we’ve got to put in some work in order to reap the benefits of our lucky opportunities.

It’s also important to be open to what an opportunity actually is.  Some opportunities are a lot easier to see than others and sparks don’t always fly when they happen.  For instance if I got a big raise or won the lottery it would be clear that luck finally came around.  However, opportunity can come in other ways too – such as finding some peaceful moments to relax, being in the right place at the right time or meeting someone who helps you in some way.

prep meets opportunity

Following your chart can be incredibly beneficial because it can actually give you a “heads-up” of when your opportunities may find you.  Sometimes if you know they are happening – it may make you think of something awful with a little more positivity.   It can also give you that push to stay the course and continue to put in the hard work – despite feeling the rewards.

Luck will eventually come around for all of us at given points -and when it does you’ll be glad you put in the work beforehand.  Each of the planets could help us over the coming months however my favorite to look at is Jupiter since he moves the quickest.  Jupiter’s currently helping out Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Come the end of June – early July – Jupiter will enter Cancer and start helping the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).  So here’s to all of us putting in the hard work and hoping for that lucky break to find us sooner rather than later!


Virgo Full Moon Ahead – With A BIG Twist of Pisces

22 Feb

whimsical-treeGet ready Virgos and Pisces – we’ve got a Virgo Full Moon coming up – taking place in just a few days on February 25th. Full Moons are always known for bringing things out or making things happen.  Sometimes people just act strange around this time …. for no apparent reason.  There is something to be said for the power of the Moon – her movements are quick and she has a real affect on our emotions.  I think this Full Moon in particular will be powerfully emotional since there is so much Pisces mixed in it.

When the Moon is full she highlights the sign she’s in (Virgo) and contrasts the sign she opposes (Pisces).  This Full Moon is going to really emphasize a lot of Pisces since we’ll have 6 planets in the sign.  YES I’m going to count Venus who enters Pisces only a few hours after the Full Moon is exact.

I actually think that Venus entering Pisces right after the peak is significant since whenever a planet is in the 29th degree it’s important.  It’ll likely bring matters of the heart ( Venus /Pisces) and practicalities (Virgo) to the surface since a Full Moon likes to light up things we’ve been hiding from (whether we realize it or not).

Jupiter’s also tied into this Full Moon and he sometimes can make us dive deep and question things since he’s a philosopher at heart.  Make sure to be open to any signs that may possibly reveal themselves as well as trust  your instincts – even if you don’t want to.  AND don’t forget to let your heart take over 😉

PS. Early degree Geminis will likely feel this one prominently too! Let’s bring it on – this Pisces is ready 😉

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Laws of Attraction – Planetary Style!

1 Feb


Venus just entered the sign of Aquarius today and be honest this placement isn’t my personal favorite for the planet of love.  Aquarius is a more logical – non intimate – hands off kind of sign.  Matters of the heart are going tend to be much more detached and “free-spirited” as Venus travels through Aquarius. It’s a sign that looks for individuality and can even be a little rebellious.  So you might even find yourself attracted to those “rebels without a cause” or someone unique in nature if you’re playing the dating game.   

However, with all that being said we won’t be able to deny our astrological nature – no matter what is going on in the sky at the time we’re always going to be blinded by attraction.   At the moment each of us was born, the planets aligned in such a way which defined our specific laws of attraction.  It’s a very difficult thing to fight who you’re attracted to and if you look back on your picks you’ll likely find a pattern.

Something we will never be able to deny is that opposites attract.  For instance, if you’ve got a ton of water in your chart (Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer) you will always gravitate towards those Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius).  The same could be said for the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo) finding solace in the arms of their challengers the Air signs (Aquarius, Libra & Gemini).  To be honest these signs are not really opposites but rather “conflict” one another in astrological terms. 

The planetary laws of attraction work in a way which makes us pursue those that challenge us rather than those that make things easy.  How simple life would be if we were attracted to people that make things easy.  But seriously – where’s the fun in that right?  I’m sure if we look back on our love picks we’d find that the people you liked the most were the ones that challenged you in the greatest way.  Practically speaking however, I know that sometimes the people we are attracted to the most are NOT the right people to be with.   

The right person for anyone is going to be someone that not only challenges them – but compliments them at the same time.  So amidst all those challenging zodiacal energies – there’s got to be some easy flowing ones as well.  Here’s a quick reference to the easy flowing energies:

  • Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer) compliment Earth (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo) plus other Water signs
  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) compliment Air (Aquarius, Libra & Gemini) plus other Fire signs
  • Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo) compliment Water (Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer) plus other Earth signs
  • Air signs (Aquarius, Libra & Gemini) compliment Fire (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) plus other Air signs

Taking a look at how your planetary laws of attraction work in your relationships is a fascinating study to say the least! It’s not only about how you operate with other signs but how your planets work with the other person’s planets.  You’ll always find challenges in addition to the compliments but despite WHO you are attracted to – the actual staying power of a relationship is going to be up to other planetary conditions at hand. 

Even though you can’t help who you resonate towards because of your planetary laws of attraction – you do have the power within to face up to your challenges, stand up to your weaknesses and ultimately pick a person that you feel fits you best!

Drama, Fate and Twists of Destiny All At Play Right Now In the Relationship Department

24 May

There’s a big emphasis on relationships right now and one of the reasons behind this has a lot to do with the planet Venus.  Most often referred to as the planet of love, Venus has been dancing backwards in the sky for several weeks already.  Her backwards movement is causing many of us to re-evaluate our current relationships and perhaps see it in a brand new light.

Astrologers refer to Venus’ backwards motion as her retrograde period.  She goes into retrograde (backwards) motion every 18 months or so.  This is a key time for anybody involved in a relationship – as well as those looking to embark upon one.

Venus started moving back on May 16th and if you’re in a current relationship you might have started looking at it differently since this time.  Love can be tested and communications can be more difficult than usual.  Certain things may have come to light that you never realized before.

The nice thing about this period is that it can be beneficial in helping to make a relationship stronger – although going through this realization can sometimes be difficult.  It could work in the opposite way, as well, where all the things that come to light make you realize that the relationship may not be what you really want.  Acceptance of having to let something go can stir many emotions within.  Some of us will have an easier time in letting the love go while others may not be willing to set it free as easily.

For those of us looking for love, this is a time to lay low in the relationship department.  Relationships that start when Venus is in her retrograde motion are usually short-lived. I don’t want to deny anyone going out there and having fun but holding off a month or so could really have a big impact on anything love related.

Now here’s the fun part … Venus will start moving forward on June 28th and this will be a big time for many of us.  The days leading up to Venus getting reading to turn direction are powerful in the love department.  Many people report meeting the love of their life during this time.  There will be a strong sense of destiny and fate in the air.  If you meet someone during this time – watch out – it could be big!

This period will also be huge for those of us in the re-evaluation phase of a current relationship.  Hold off on making any big decisions till the end of June.  Chances are that Venus’ powerful energy will revolutionize your thinking about what it is that you really want and keep an eye out for June 4-6th. This time period could throw in a fateful twist in the love arena since Venus will make a mighty powerful and rare alignment with the Sun.  In addition to that, there’s going to be a Lunar Eclipse at the same time which will likely bring out even more twists of destiny in fate in regards to love matters.   So stay tuned 😉

Beautify NOW or Later? Venus’ Movement Back Could Have an Effect on Your New Do!

3 May

Thinking about a new do … well the planets may have a say in how things turn out with that.  Venus, the planet of beauty, is about to start moving backward or go retrograde.  If you’re thinking about getting a new due, haircut or freshening up your dye job do it ASAP.

It’s really better not to embark upon beautifying type things while the planet of beauty is moving back …. it just tends to mess things up!  I’ve heard too many stories of bad hair cuts/ dye jobs during this period.  Things just tend to go not as you hoped in the “beautifying” department during this time.

Venus starts her movement back on 5/16 and then will start moving forward again in late June.  So the question is … should you beautify now or wait till the end June?  I’m playing it safe and waiting till the end of June to get my new do 😉

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