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Saturn in Scorpio About to Turn Direct With Jupiter and Neptune Sweetening the Deal

29 Jun

cv_99_37472Saturn is an interesting planet.  He’s a sour lemon and probably would always pass on dessert because he never indulges.  Most often we tend to dislike him and certainly for good reason (who doesn’t like dessert after all!).  However, every once and again we’re glad for the grounding he can create in our lives and I think one of those times is coming up.  Saturn’s about to turn direction and start moving forward!

My interesting friend, Saturn, is all about Scorpio right now since this is the sign he’s living in.  Scorpio’s skin is challenging Saturn to look at intimacy issues as well as control and domination.  We may even be feeling some of these challenges in our own lives in some way or another because of his presence in the secretive yet powerful sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio doesn’t want to give in but Saturn is going to make him in some way or another.

This is what happens when Saturn moves through a sign – he demands reform and makes sure that he fixes things so that our lives will be more balanced and efficient.  We may think we have all of these things in certain areas – but Saturn disagrees as he move through your chart.  He’s the radar detector looking for speeders – ready to stop you in route and give you a big fat ticket.

Right now Saturn –  aka: task master, beast of burden, boss, reformer, authority figure, father time, malefic, planet of challenge, disciplinarian, etc. – is getting reading to start moving forward.  This is pretty huge because he’s been moving backwards, or retrograde, since about mid February.  Some of us have kind of felt a little stuck since that time.  You can actually think back to what happened to you then and all that you’ve learned since.  You’ll soon be using that knowledge to move ahead.

What Saturn’s move forward means is that many of us may be getting ready to take big leaps in our lives – or perhaps become more courageous in taking charge and being able to accomplish what we want.  We’re going to be ready to take what we’ve learned since February and apply it to accomplishing our goals now.  I realize that taking a leap into new territory isn’t exactly easy – but I guess that’s Saturn for you!  He never makes anything easy.

This turn, however, is special because something really neat is about to happen right around the same time that Saturn turns direct.  His energy will likely be exactly what he usually isn’t – easy.  This is going to work in wonderful ways for many of us – because he’ll have some major planetary help at that time.  He’ll be operating in something special called a Grand Trine with Jupiter (the lucky planet) and Neptune (the creative planet) and this combination is not only lucky but will likely balance Saturn’s harsh ways.  It’s kind of like adding some “fluff” or something sugary sweet to the bitter planet.

The Grand Trine, which is a configuration of 3 planets in a harmonious and lucky combination, will be peaking around July 17th – 19th.  However, we’ll be feeling it’s positive effects for a good part of July and it will likely begin with Saturn’s turn around the 7th.  There’s also going to be a New Moon in Cancer right around then (on the 8th) which will only add to Saturn’s big move in positive ways.

So I must say I’m looking forward to Saturn’s turn.  I will also say that I’m pretty thankful that Jupiter and Neptune will be sweetening the deal – because I’m all about dessert ;-)


A Summer of Love and Maybe a Little Luck Too

10 Jun

summer of loveI have a funny feeling that we’re approaching a summer of love.  Now this could work for many of us – regardless if we’re in the market for finding “that special someone”.  Love is found in many places – not just in those “romancy” tales.

We can find it when we’re with our families, friends and even while we’re doing things we love.  I think that a lot of us will experience the feeling in many different ways this summer.  It’s really looking to me like a love infested summer – so get ready to get your feelin’ on!

My reasoning behind this prediction is really a no-brainer from an astrological perspective.  There’s going to be a ton of planets in Cancer – as there always is toward the end of June into July.  This is the time that the Sun, Mercury and Venus glide through the sign of the crab.  However, this year things are a little different – and in better ways actually.  We’ll have Jupiter, the planet of optimisim, luck and good fortune also gliding through Cancer at the same time.  Then on top of that we’ll have both Saturn and Neptune making nice combinations to all of them.  The sheer site of this amazing combination makes me giddy with delight.  Afterall, it’s not all that often where this kind of thing happens and it’s something to be excited about!

I think the good fortune will really stand out in mid-July, when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune come together in a really special formation called a Grand Trine.  This will occur in 4 degrees of the water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scoprio).  Honestly, though, all of the water planets are working really nicely for a good part of the summer so I don’t think all these good feelings will solely be felt during mid July.  Expect to feel good for at least a few months!  Then in the Fall – we’ll have to talk again about those Fall eclipses.  BUT this is not the time to ponder those 😉

I’m looking forward to a great summer and I wrote this to share the sentiment with all of you.  It’s always nice to have something to look foward too despite all the challenges many of us have had to endure.  So get excited with me!  I truly think the next few months will serve as a nice reprieve and break from all the hardships.  Some well deserved luck and good fortune just might pop out of it too 😉

Could Saturn Help You Find What You Really Want In Life?

4 Feb

want you

This question could be laughable to those that have undergone harsh Saturn transits.  Saturn is a planetary force that breaks relationships, creates huge emotional turmoil, presents unruly circumstances and creates tremendous loss.  How could a planet that is so destructive then – help me answer such pivotal life questions?  This is a question that I’ve been thinking about for quite a few months because it’s such a powerful cliché.

I’ve been re-reading some excerpts of “Planets in Transit” from one of my favorite astrologers, Robert Hand and have been thinking about his viewpoint on Saturn.  He writes that “no matter how unpleasant Saturn is to you … he represents what you really want in life AND helps you get it.”  I literally laughed out loud when I thought about that since I’ve seen Saturn’s destruction first hand.  However, he goes on to write that “most people are out of touch with what they really want.”

Did you ever stop for a minute and really think about what you want?  I think that most of us are constantly on the go (yes I’m totally guilty myself!) and neglect to think about what it is you truly want.  Many of us are reactive – to the many things thrown at us on a daily basis rather than proactive.  It’s especially tough when we’re thrown those really large curveballs that stop us in our tracks and Saturn is the planet usually behind that!

So I got to thinking about some of Saturn’s transits in my own chart as well as others.  While I would never want to personally go through them again or see anybody I know partake in that misery – I can say that the changes that ultimately came out of his affects were powerfully positive.  Even though the transits were difficult he did shift things so that better things would come along.  If we really dug deep and were honest about it – we might even admit that we were glad we went through those challenges since we ultimately ended up in a much better place.

Saturn’s moving through Scorpio right now and likely challenging you if you have a lot of planets in this sign.  He’s also creating challenge for those who have planets in Taurus, Aquarius and Leo.  The timing of his arrival in your chart/life depends greatly on your date of birth.  Rather than be fearful of his arrival, I think the thing to think about is where do you want to be when he’s done presenting those challenges.  What is it that you ultimately want and how could these challenges you’re wrapped up in actually get you there?  When it’s all said and done – Saturn may end up bringing the exact answers you’ve been looking for all along.

Saturn Enters Scorpio & Getting In Touch With Our Unconscious Will Begin!

6 Oct

Today (or rather late last night) marks a very important time in Astrology! Saturn, the planet that makes us work hard for things and typically challenges us deeply, entered the sign of Scorpio.  This is a major happening since Saturn likes to take his sweet ‘ol time riding through each sign of the zodiac.  He typically stays in each sign for about 2 – 2 1/2 years and challenges the areas of life that the sign represents.

For the last two and a half years or so, he’s been making lots of waves through the peaceful sign of Libra.  Now Libra hates conflict but Saturn has a way of making us see things that we necessarily don’t like – whether we like it or not.  Libra also has many ties to relationships in our lives and Saturn’s work in the sign of love likely caused most of us to examine and then reexamine some of our most intimate relationships.

Some of us may have gained something special in the relationship department because Saturn does represent seriousness and commitment.  However, others of us may have lost in this area since Saturn has a way of eliminating things from our life that are no longer necessary for our growth.  Ultimately, whatever he does is because of what we need in life to grow and move forward.  It’s just that he sometimes can push us to do these things in painful ways – which most of us have a hard time dealing with.  to be honest, I don’t know too many people who like pain!  When we look back – however – we can sometimes see that the pain caused did end up having some rewards.

So where does this leave us as Saturn enters a new sign?  Well it means we’re entering a new cycle of learning. Since this learning will take place in Scorpio – it’s going to have a theme of all the things relating to this sign.  Scorpio is a dark sign and hides things from the world.  It’s the place where all our unconscious yearnings live – ones that we likely suppress.  Saturn’s ride through this sign may reveal what it is that you really want and some how align events in your life for you to grab it.

We’ll talk more about Saturn’s travels through Scorpio as the months go on but for now it may be time to embrace our dark side.  Personally, I decided to paint my nails gray in honor of Saturn’s arrival 🙂  Gray is the “in” color of the fall after all!

Curious about how Saturn will be affecting your life during his time in Scorpio?  Schedule your next reading with Crystal B to find out 😉


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