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Saturn in Scorpio About to Turn Direct With Jupiter and Neptune Sweetening the Deal

29 Jun

cv_99_37472Saturn is an interesting planet.  He’s a sour lemon and probably would always pass on dessert because he never indulges.  Most often we tend to dislike him and certainly for good reason (who doesn’t like dessert after all!).  However, every once and again we’re glad for the grounding he can create in our lives and I think one of those times is coming up.  Saturn’s about to turn direction and start moving forward!

My interesting friend, Saturn, is all about Scorpio right now since this is the sign he’s living in.  Scorpio’s skin is challenging Saturn to look at intimacy issues as well as control and domination.  We may even be feeling some of these challenges in our own lives in some way or another because of his presence in the secretive yet powerful sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio doesn’t want to give in but Saturn is going to make him in some way or another.

This is what happens when Saturn moves through a sign – he demands reform and makes sure that he fixes things so that our lives will be more balanced and efficient.  We may think we have all of these things in certain areas – but Saturn disagrees as he move through your chart.  He’s the radar detector looking for speeders – ready to stop you in route and give you a big fat ticket.

Right now Saturn –  aka: task master, beast of burden, boss, reformer, authority figure, father time, malefic, planet of challenge, disciplinarian, etc. – is getting reading to start moving forward.  This is pretty huge because he’s been moving backwards, or retrograde, since about mid February.  Some of us have kind of felt a little stuck since that time.  You can actually think back to what happened to you then and all that you’ve learned since.  You’ll soon be using that knowledge to move ahead.

What Saturn’s move forward means is that many of us may be getting ready to take big leaps in our lives – or perhaps become more courageous in taking charge and being able to accomplish what we want.  We’re going to be ready to take what we’ve learned since February and apply it to accomplishing our goals now.  I realize that taking a leap into new territory isn’t exactly easy – but I guess that’s Saturn for you!  He never makes anything easy.

This turn, however, is special because something really neat is about to happen right around the same time that Saturn turns direct.  His energy will likely be exactly what he usually isn’t – easy.  This is going to work in wonderful ways for many of us – because he’ll have some major planetary help at that time.  He’ll be operating in something special called a Grand Trine with Jupiter (the lucky planet) and Neptune (the creative planet) and this combination is not only lucky but will likely balance Saturn’s harsh ways.  It’s kind of like adding some “fluff” or something sugary sweet to the bitter planet.

The Grand Trine, which is a configuration of 3 planets in a harmonious and lucky combination, will be peaking around July 17th – 19th.  However, we’ll be feeling it’s positive effects for a good part of July and it will likely begin with Saturn’s turn around the 7th.  There’s also going to be a New Moon in Cancer right around then (on the 8th) which will only add to Saturn’s big move in positive ways.

So I must say I’m looking forward to Saturn’s turn.  I will also say that I’m pretty thankful that Jupiter and Neptune will be sweetening the deal – because I’m all about dessert ;-)


Pluto Twirling With Our Lives

10 Apr

black swanPluto, the planet of radical transformation, is getting ready to twirl backwards or retrograde and this is starting to set the stage for those of us caught up in forced change.  When a planet gets ready to turn he does a bit of a dance in the sky and then stops – or stations as we call it in astrology talk.  I guess you could think of it like, he’s taking a bit of a rest, before setting out to do the work he needs to as he travels back through our charts.

This resting phase will light up our lives or illuminates where his work is going to take place if the point he’s resting on touches anything in our charts.  Right now, Pluto is in 11 degrees Capricorn in his resting spot. He’s also gearing up to come into that exact square or challenge with Uranus at the end of May, which I talked about in this post a few weeks ago.  His twirl back right now is getting those of us affected ready for these big changes.

I thought of the movie, Black Swan, when I was thinking about Pluto’s turn because his energy can be a dark one.  He’s also incredibly transformational  just as the Black Swan was – on both a good and challenging level.  While many of us would prefer to beat him down with a hard stick for the challenge he causes – I want to add that he does have a good side too.   It’s up to us to have the “good part or White Swan” take over – rather than let the “bad part or Black Swan” engulf us.  So it’s important to keep strong and take care of yourself during this process.

Remember that once he breaks you down – he can and does build you back up creating a more stable and stronger “you.”  It’s a difficult process, however, and I’d compare it to bulldozing a house.  There’s simply no fun in being torn apart and having things taken away from us.  It’s also pretty tough to have to let go of things that have been with us forever and contemplate the thought of having to replace them.

The beauty in the transformation is that once it’s complete a truly beautiful thing rises out of it.  It’s up to us, however, to battle the forces of transformation and do what we need to do.  In the end of this transit, which is unlike the move, your White Swan will take over and allow you to become even better than you were before.

Pluto officially turns back on April 12th and will continue his backwards motion for approximately five months.  His energy will likely be felt intensely starting now and continue through the end of May where he’ll finally meet up with Uranus on May 20th.  There’s also three eclipses happening during this period that will intensify our journeys during this period.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Mercury Retrograde In My Life

16 Mar

rewindI felt Mercury Retrograde powerfully this time ’round.  I don’t know why it ended up that way but boy I’m happy he’s about to start moving forward again. Mercury official starts moving forward on Monday 3/18 and communications will begin to flow a lot easier! He did deliver me some benefits – however – and I’m grateful for them.  Here’s a little list of how the little trickster moving back affected me in my life!

1. My computer crashed – and at one point I feared the worst but thankfully my computer whiz brother in law saved the day and fixed it.  Thanks Bart!!

2. My car radio broke – thanks to my lovely 2 year old who somehow decided that the CD slot looked like a great place to put Mommy’s loose change! Thanks Henry – it’s a good thing your cute!

3. I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years and had a great time catching up!

4. I got an old job back and am really excited about it!

5. Lots of computer glitches – including missing emails.  I hate email problems!

6. Text snafus – including sending particular texts to the wrong person!! YIKES – these are always the worst!

7. Miscommunications galore and a general haziness on my thought process (but I have to partially blame some of the other planets in Pisces during this time)

I’m sure I’m missing some but I think this covers the great majority!  Here’s to the good – bad – and ugly of Mercury’s retrograde period.  I thank you for all the good you delivered and I’m going to try to forget about all the glitches you caused me 😉  Thankfully – me and the technological world we live in – will have a few months breathing room before you start moving back again.  June 26-July 20 is Mercury’s next retrograde phase.

My Man Mercury Is On The Move … BACK!

3 Nov

Now that we can cross October’s Full Moon off our list (thank the good lord!) it’s time to move on and discuss Mercury.  November 6th, or election day, is going to be an interesting day indeed and no I’m not going to get into a political debate here promise!  I’m a Pisces after all – and Pisces is probably the least political sign out there!

One of the reasons election day will be so interesting from an astrological perspective is that the planet Mercury will change direction and start moving back.  In Astrological terms, most of the planets have periods where they move forward and then they have periods where they move back.  We call this movement back period – retrograde but I’m not going to bore you with all those fancy “astro-geeky” terms 😉

So what does it mean with Mercury moves back?  Well since Mercury has precedence over all things communications related we can expect some miscommunications with the written and spoken word.  I know we all love those 😉 Computers or anything techy tends to malfunction as well – so try to make sure all your gidgets and gadgets are in working order.

Some say you shouldn’t start anything new during Mercury’s move back but it’s not always possible to follow that rule.  I’m also looking forward to the SuperMoon on November 13th which will definitely start something new for many of us affected by it!  However, I’ll save that discussion for another post and I promise it’ll be a good one because that’s a big date coming up this month particularly for Scorpios, Pisces and Cancer!

Now as for Mercury, there’s a lot of good things you can do with the few weeks of Mercury’s backwards motion.  Reworking things or re-looking at projects could prove beneficial since it’s a great time to rework something.  Sometimes we can end up making something a lot better and using a retrograde period to redo something is really using the planets powerfully.

So my recommendation is to use Mercury’s move back to your advantage if you can.  From the period of November 6th through the 26th would be a great time to rework something and a not so great time to mess around with your technological paraphernalia or sign any contracts.  If you do have to sign anything just make sure to look it over very carefully as it’s a notorious time for mistakes popping up contractually.  AND if you must start taking things apart ….. best to do it starting November 27th 😉

Drama, Fate and Twists of Destiny All At Play Right Now In the Relationship Department

24 May

There’s a big emphasis on relationships right now and one of the reasons behind this has a lot to do with the planet Venus.  Most often referred to as the planet of love, Venus has been dancing backwards in the sky for several weeks already.  Her backwards movement is causing many of us to re-evaluate our current relationships and perhaps see it in a brand new light.

Astrologers refer to Venus’ backwards motion as her retrograde period.  She goes into retrograde (backwards) motion every 18 months or so.  This is a key time for anybody involved in a relationship – as well as those looking to embark upon one.

Venus started moving back on May 16th and if you’re in a current relationship you might have started looking at it differently since this time.  Love can be tested and communications can be more difficult than usual.  Certain things may have come to light that you never realized before.

The nice thing about this period is that it can be beneficial in helping to make a relationship stronger – although going through this realization can sometimes be difficult.  It could work in the opposite way, as well, where all the things that come to light make you realize that the relationship may not be what you really want.  Acceptance of having to let something go can stir many emotions within.  Some of us will have an easier time in letting the love go while others may not be willing to set it free as easily.

For those of us looking for love, this is a time to lay low in the relationship department.  Relationships that start when Venus is in her retrograde motion are usually short-lived. I don’t want to deny anyone going out there and having fun but holding off a month or so could really have a big impact on anything love related.

Now here’s the fun part … Venus will start moving forward on June 28th and this will be a big time for many of us.  The days leading up to Venus getting reading to turn direction are powerful in the love department.  Many people report meeting the love of their life during this time.  There will be a strong sense of destiny and fate in the air.  If you meet someone during this time – watch out – it could be big!

This period will also be huge for those of us in the re-evaluation phase of a current relationship.  Hold off on making any big decisions till the end of June.  Chances are that Venus’ powerful energy will revolutionize your thinking about what it is that you really want and keep an eye out for June 4-6th. This time period could throw in a fateful twist in the love arena since Venus will make a mighty powerful and rare alignment with the Sun.  In addition to that, there’s going to be a Lunar Eclipse at the same time which will likely bring out even more twists of destiny in fate in regards to love matters.   So stay tuned 😉

Rewinding, Relooking & Redoing in Retrograde

15 Mar

In Astrology, the planets are always moving.  One would think that their movement is always going forward – however some of them have periods during the year where they move back.  If you want to be fancy then you can say that a particular planet is in retrograde while it’s in is backwards phase.

In the sky right now, we’ve got three planets moving back.  Saturn, Mercury and Mars have all made a K-Turn and are chugging back in each of the signs they are currently living in.  I think most of us are at least familiar with Mercury in Retrograde – as it’s become a famous saying for explaining communications slip-ups.

Retrograde periods get a bad rep as many say that we can’t get things done while we’re moving back. For the most part this is quite true – particularly if the ruler of your chart is moving back.  For a little more background on who the ruler of your chart is check out this prior post.  However, what we need to remember is that retrograde periods are not stopping us in our tracks just because the world is against us for several months out of the year.

The reason for these periods has a lot to do with reassessing things.  This is the time that we’re given to rewind things a bit and look back on what we’ve done.  Re-looking at things could really prove beneficial – because you might have missed something important that needs to be incorporated.  Maybe you made a major decision a few months ago and now it’s time to reassess what you’ve done and decide if that was the right decision or not.  Ultimately you may find that through your reassessment – you could decide that you’re happier with your decision or perhaps that you need to redo or even rework something in order to make it better.

Now I know nobody likes a”re” anything in my opinion.  Time, energy and effort goes into nearly everything we do and once you’ve finished something you’d like to be done with it.  I know most of us are tired and would rather not go back and fix our past efforts.  However I can tell you from personal experience that going back over something can be incredibly beneficial.  My ruling planet (Saturn) is going back right now so things have been cropping up recently that have made me re-look at things.  It’s certainly not my favorite and I am eager (probably just like you) to get moving forward again.  However, the Astrologer in me does eventually take over and reminds me that there is a reason for this!

After we get past the hemming and hawing (of which I am totally guilty) of having to “redo” – you might find that you’ve been given a chance to make something even better than you thought it was.  It’s not always a fun process but at the end of the day you’ll be happier that you’ve had to rewind a bit.

If you end up being put in a situation where you have to re-look at things and ultimately do a re-do – I will bet that you’ll be very happy with the results.  The process could ultimately prove quite gratifying – even though in the beginning you will probably be thinking the exact opposite.  The planets are always setting us up in circumstances that make us a work a bit harder than we want to.  Nobody like’s to do things twice!  However, it’s always up to us, to see the opportunity in it.  If you look close enough you’ll find that some unlikely benefits might end up springing out of your retrograde period.

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