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A Summer of Love and Maybe a Little Luck Too

10 Jun

summer of loveI have a funny feeling that we’re approaching a summer of love.  Now this could work for many of us – regardless if we’re in the market for finding “that special someone”.  Love is found in many places – not just in those “romancy” tales.

We can find it when we’re with our families, friends and even while we’re doing things we love.  I think that a lot of us will experience the feeling in many different ways this summer.  It’s really looking to me like a love infested summer – so get ready to get your feelin’ on!

My reasoning behind this prediction is really a no-brainer from an astrological perspective.  There’s going to be a ton of planets in Cancer – as there always is toward the end of June into July.  This is the time that the Sun, Mercury and Venus glide through the sign of the crab.  However, this year things are a little different – and in better ways actually.  We’ll have Jupiter, the planet of optimisim, luck and good fortune also gliding through Cancer at the same time.  Then on top of that we’ll have both Saturn and Neptune making nice combinations to all of them.  The sheer site of this amazing combination makes me giddy with delight.  Afterall, it’s not all that often where this kind of thing happens and it’s something to be excited about!

I think the good fortune will really stand out in mid-July, when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune come together in a really special formation called a Grand Trine.  This will occur in 4 degrees of the water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scoprio).  Honestly, though, all of the water planets are working really nicely for a good part of the summer so I don’t think all these good feelings will solely be felt during mid July.  Expect to feel good for at least a few months!  Then in the Fall – we’ll have to talk again about those Fall eclipses.  BUT this is not the time to ponder those 😉

I’m looking forward to a great summer and I wrote this to share the sentiment with all of you.  It’s always nice to have something to look foward too despite all the challenges many of us have had to endure.  So get excited with me!  I truly think the next few months will serve as a nice reprieve and break from all the hardships.  Some well deserved luck and good fortune just might pop out of it too 😉


Jupiter’s Entrance into Cancer Puts Family First

4 Jun

Thlove my familye lucky and beneficial Jupiter is about to change signs in a few weeks and it’s gotten me thinking about families.  This is because Jupiter is heading toward the family oriented sign of Cancer and family is going to start moving to the forefront of our minds.  We’re going to find that “family” is going to be a big theme for a lot of us.  Ultimately I think this going to work well for most of us – whether you like your family or not .  You’ll see …. we’ll all be thanking our lucky Jupiter at some point over the course of the next year or so 😉

The sign of Cancer is all about family and Jupiter’s ride through this territory will enhance our activities with our blood relatives.  It’ll also create fortunate happenings in all things domestic.  Real estate is also a big part of this – so if you’re looking to buy or sell a house Jupiter will help you.  Anything relating to our homes or family situations could receive some benefits too as Jupiter glides through the sign of family love.

Families are complicated entities but they are the people we can never leave and include those that will stick by us no matter what.  Some of us have better families than others but one thing remains the same between all of them.  They are ours and we’re stuck with them through thick and thin.  No exchanges or refunds allowed!  They laugh with us when we’re happy and cry with us when we’re sad.

I recently read  a neat and true story about an American Family titled “Okay Just One Ride.”  This is a true tale that tells us how an American familOkay Just One Ride Written by Steven Veatchy created a multi-million dollar enterprise out of kiddie rides.  If you remember those rides that were outside of every Kmart when you were a kid then this story might take you back in time – as well as get you thinking about the value of a strong and dedicated family.  I was fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s co-founders as well as the creative vision and hard working ethic of the family that ran it.

Corporate America has really taken the “family” out of business and it’s sad to see.  One of the reasons I loved this story so much is because it took me back to a time where people and family really mattered.  I think Jupiter is going to bring that back in some way to our lives over the course of the next year.

Sometimes we end up moving so fast and keep our focus in one area that we forget about others.  Jupiter’s sign change will probably change the focus for some of us and put family back in the forefront.  While we may not be able to be as successful as Carousel International Corporation in our rise to

the top – their story allows us to appreciate the value of family and how you can successfully created something long lasting together.    While Carousel is no longer in business today – the legacy of it’s founders lives on.  Family legacy is also another Jupiter theme and one that may play out individually for us in separate ways.

Jupiter will enter Cancer on June 25th and live here till July of 2014.  We can expect Jupiter to help us in all our domesticities including benefits through our families, home environment, inheritances, family values/legacies, children and home improvements.  Jupiter operates well in Cancer and this will particularly help all of the water signs which include Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

Remember … even if your Sun isn’t living in one of these signs another one of your planets might be … so Jupiter could end up helping you regardless of your Sun sign.  Here’s to our lucky Jupiter switching our focus up a bit and giving us a little help on the domestic scene 😉  A little family help is something that could benefit all of us – no matter what your situation!

Astrology and Luck

14 Mar

luckWe all need a little luck every now and again and with St. Patrick’s Day coming up I started to think about this – planetary style!  Our Astrological Charts reveal when we will be lucky – or when an opportunity may find us.  Since I’m always eager to find good things in a person’s chart (including my own!) – I love coming across good combinations that could potentially bring something of a benefit to a person.

Natally (the placement of the planets when you were born) speaking, Jupiter and Venus are the greatest “gift-givers.”  When either is sparked in our charts – we could be granted all sorts of opportunities.  I also like to look at a person’s North Node and Part of Fortune – because those bodies also tend to give something beneficial back.  All of the planets (yes even Saturn and Pluto) can deliver opportunities and give us special blessings depending on how they are operating for you at a given time period.

Any luck to be found in your own chart will always depend on all the various placements in your chart.  However – for the most part when any of these “benefics” (as we call them in Astro language) is touched off – something beneficial could be felt.  With that being said- there is a caveat to beneficial sparks coming out in your chart.  Unless we are naturally lucky (and yes some people are just born that way – but most are not!) we’ve got to put in some work in order to reap the benefits of our lucky opportunities.

It’s also important to be open to what an opportunity actually is.  Some opportunities are a lot easier to see than others and sparks don’t always fly when they happen.  For instance if I got a big raise or won the lottery it would be clear that luck finally came around.  However, opportunity can come in other ways too – such as finding some peaceful moments to relax, being in the right place at the right time or meeting someone who helps you in some way.

prep meets opportunity

Following your chart can be incredibly beneficial because it can actually give you a “heads-up” of when your opportunities may find you.  Sometimes if you know they are happening – it may make you think of something awful with a little more positivity.   It can also give you that push to stay the course and continue to put in the hard work – despite feeling the rewards.

Luck will eventually come around for all of us at given points -and when it does you’ll be glad you put in the work beforehand.  Each of the planets could help us over the coming months however my favorite to look at is Jupiter since he moves the quickest.  Jupiter’s currently helping out Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Come the end of June – early July – Jupiter will enter Cancer and start helping the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).  So here’s to all of us putting in the hard work and hoping for that lucky break to find us sooner rather than later!

Your Jupiter Return And The Start Of A New 12 Year Cycle

26 Jan

carEvery 12 years or so, the lucky planet Jupiter makes his way back to the same spot he was in when you were born. Astrologers call this your Jupiter Return – since the planet is basically returning to his “home base.” I started following this cycle in people’s charts about a year ago because the transit was a curious one to me. It is a transit that gives me hope for people since Jupiter is lucky – but it also can reveal some other mysteries in our lives since I’ve seen various things – or rather personality traits come out at the beginning of the cycle. Interestingly enough – the universe is continually putting people in my path recently that are about to encounter this new 12 year cycle sometime in 2013. I’m excited and curious for all of them – including myself 😉

By the way, if you were born in 1953/54, 1965/66, 1977/78, 1989/90 or 2000/01 your Jupiter will be returning to its home base in your chart at some point in 2013. So, you too, will have your Jupiter return and begin a brand new 12 year cycle. It’s definitely something to look forward to since it typically denotes a period where you feel rejuvenated again. You tend to become “fresh” and ready for new things. I’m personally excited about it because my return will also happen this year.

Where ever Jupiter lives in your chart, he will give you a sign as to where this new “rejuvenation” will take place. It’s typically the beginning of something new and you tend to feel good and excited about things. Your outlook is positive and you feel like you are ready to grab whatever it is that you’re trying to reach.  However, there’s another side to my lucky friend that I’d like to share. In the beginning of my Astrology studies I was always excited by a Jupiter transit since he’s typically known as the “good-luck” planet. For the most part that’s true and I continually see him bring good fortune….. when he’s behaving. BUT – when he’s showing his unruly side, he can blow things up – including our egos and the way we perceive things.

Did you ever encounter someone who suddenly turned “egotisical” and started acting a little “too” confident? He or she likely aggravated you because of that uber-confidence. Now – I’m not saying anything is wrong with a little confidence but there are times when people can get a little too inflated if you catch my drift 😉 That expansion or blowing up of one’s confidence is an effect of the challenging side of Jupiter. He is the biggest planet after all – so it makes sense that his energy could affect our egos in this over-confident way.

However it ends up playing out the fortunate thing to look forward to is the beginning of something new. If you are affected, you can think back to all the things you’ve accomplished over the last 12 years and what you’d like to do in your next cycle. You’re in the completion phase and your engine of life is about to rev up! Enjoy your new 12 year ride – but just remember not to throw too much exhaust out of your engine 😉

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