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June’s Supercharged Full Moon Delivers Power vs. Love

20 Jun

love_powerJune’s Full Moon is rapidly approaching and I bet you are likely feeling the effects right about now if it’s touching your chart significantly.   My reason for saying that is because this is a SuperMoon, which in laymen’s terms is basically a supercharged full moon.

Full Moons occur when the Moon opposes the Sun so there’s always a “push-pull” of two different energies during that time.  In this case, the Moon will be in Capricorn  (2 degrees to be precise) and the Sun will be in Cancer.  The opposition of the planets creates a face off. If your chart is triggered you end up feeling the battle of energies in your own life.

So what does a battle or face off between Capricorn and Cancer look like?  Well, in order to answer that we have to understand those signs a little better. Capricorn is all about power and looking good – he’s the buttoned up super good looking business man that will do anything to climb his way to the top of the ladder.  Power and prestige is something he’ll risk anything to get.  He’s the voice that whispers …. “I don’t care who gets upset – this has to be done.”

Now Cancer is anything but that …. you can think of this sign as the exact opposite!  Cancer will forget to take care of herself in order to take care of somebody else.  She doesn’t care about power or prestige and would die a thousand deaths before letting anything harm her loved ones.  Close connections and intimacy with others is what she yearns for.  She’s the voice that whispers ….. “I’ll make everything better.”

It’s an interesting power struggle and since I’m a visual person, I’m picturing a stay at home mom duking it out with a powerful CEO.  If your chart is triggered by this Supermoon – then somewhere in your life you’ll be having this battle.  The “stay at home mom” within you will be battling it out with that “CEO.”  Each has merit and their own way of getting things done – but the winner can only be determined by you.

Compromise and balance is key with any full moon.   That stay at home mom is going to have to learn to take a little help from others and that powerful CEO is going to have to learn to give something back.   The Supermoon occurs during the very early hours of Sunday morning so you’ll likely feel the effects most intensely on Saturday.  How it will play out for each of us is the big mystery to soon be revealed 😉


Jupiter’s Entrance into Cancer Puts Family First

4 Jun

Thlove my familye lucky and beneficial Jupiter is about to change signs in a few weeks and it’s gotten me thinking about families.  This is because Jupiter is heading toward the family oriented sign of Cancer and family is going to start moving to the forefront of our minds.  We’re going to find that “family” is going to be a big theme for a lot of us.  Ultimately I think this going to work well for most of us – whether you like your family or not .  You’ll see …. we’ll all be thanking our lucky Jupiter at some point over the course of the next year or so 😉

The sign of Cancer is all about family and Jupiter’s ride through this territory will enhance our activities with our blood relatives.  It’ll also create fortunate happenings in all things domestic.  Real estate is also a big part of this – so if you’re looking to buy or sell a house Jupiter will help you.  Anything relating to our homes or family situations could receive some benefits too as Jupiter glides through the sign of family love.

Families are complicated entities but they are the people we can never leave and include those that will stick by us no matter what.  Some of us have better families than others but one thing remains the same between all of them.  They are ours and we’re stuck with them through thick and thin.  No exchanges or refunds allowed!  They laugh with us when we’re happy and cry with us when we’re sad.

I recently read  a neat and true story about an American Family titled “Okay Just One Ride.”  This is a true tale that tells us how an American familOkay Just One Ride Written by Steven Veatchy created a multi-million dollar enterprise out of kiddie rides.  If you remember those rides that were outside of every Kmart when you were a kid then this story might take you back in time – as well as get you thinking about the value of a strong and dedicated family.  I was fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s co-founders as well as the creative vision and hard working ethic of the family that ran it.

Corporate America has really taken the “family” out of business and it’s sad to see.  One of the reasons I loved this story so much is because it took me back to a time where people and family really mattered.  I think Jupiter is going to bring that back in some way to our lives over the course of the next year.

Sometimes we end up moving so fast and keep our focus in one area that we forget about others.  Jupiter’s sign change will probably change the focus for some of us and put family back in the forefront.  While we may not be able to be as successful as Carousel International Corporation in our rise to

the top – their story allows us to appreciate the value of family and how you can successfully created something long lasting together.    While Carousel is no longer in business today – the legacy of it’s founders lives on.  Family legacy is also another Jupiter theme and one that may play out individually for us in separate ways.

Jupiter will enter Cancer on June 25th and live here till July of 2014.  We can expect Jupiter to help us in all our domesticities including benefits through our families, home environment, inheritances, family values/legacies, children and home improvements.  Jupiter operates well in Cancer and this will particularly help all of the water signs which include Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

Remember … even if your Sun isn’t living in one of these signs another one of your planets might be … so Jupiter could end up helping you regardless of your Sun sign.  Here’s to our lucky Jupiter switching our focus up a bit and giving us a little help on the domestic scene 😉  A little family help is something that could benefit all of us – no matter what your situation!

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