A Magical Pathway With Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn in Tow

12 Jul

magic pathway 1Every once and again something pretty neat comes along via the planets. Yes …. they are always turning (they planets change position every 2 minutes) but it’s not often that they move in a direction that is simply special.  It’s kind of like we’re walking down a magical pathway and nobody’s quite sure where the path will lead…. but it looks soooo pretty at the end that we just can’t help moving closer.

Right now we’re in one of those special and rare kind of planetary times that could deliver something spectacular. I like to think of it as a once in a life time kind of thing – because quite honestly it won’t be happening again for quite a long while.  If you’re affected (early water sign degrees which include Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio – particularly 4 degrees will feel it the most) you could really benefit in a big way.  A planetary blessing of some sort could be in play for you.

The reason for this “planetary something special” has to do with three planets.  Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all moving together to form a beneficial combination called a “Grand Trine.” A Grand Trine is a opportunistic formation and since these planets are slower moving (Neptune being the slowest and Jupiter the fastest) it’s not that often that they meet up in such a beneficial way.

Jupiter is the lucky planet that just makes opportunity fall out of the sky while Saturn is the taskmaster planet that keeps us in check.  He’ll only benefit us after we’ve put in some hard work. Neptune is the dreamer that whips up everything grand that fluffy dreams are made of.  He’s the planet that makes us fall in love and get caught up in the moment.

What could all three of these energies working together bring you ask?  We’ll, time will tell my friends!  It’s certainly a special thing and if you’re in the midst of any new opportunities then you’re probably walking through this magical path.  I think in regards to love matters, there’s high probability of people “rekindling” old romances or “reconnecting” in some special way.  Meeting someone new may not be the best thing since we are in Mercury retrograde – but that ends on July 20th. You typically don’t end up staying with people you meet during Mercury retrograde – but it’s a great energy for going back to past relationships. However, anyone you are hanging around with right now could be inspiring in some way, make you feel good about yourself or motivate you to follow your dreams.

We’re in the peak of it now with the Grand Trine moving exact between July 17-19th.   However, the effects are in play for most of July so embrace it and feel the magic 🙂


Blog Location Has Been Moved – In Honor of Mercury Retrograde

5 Jul

movedI wanted to let everyone know that I’ve moved my blog over to my own personal website.  Anytime you go to the old WordPress url (https://crystalbastrology.wordpress.com) you’ll be redirected to my new and improved blog (http://crystalbastrology.com/blog/).  If you could update the location on your end, I’d really appreciate it!  I’ve worked hard over the years to build up my readership so I truly hope to not lose anyone in the process 🙂  I appreciate everyone who comes to visit me and read what I have to say.

Mercury retrograde has made me “clean up my shop” a little and reorganize all of my content.  I’m still working on making it better and learning lots of new things along the way.  It’s been pretty neat to look back and see just how much I have written over the past several years and I’m glad I did it – even though it’s been a little tough to embrace the new.  I’ve been a little scared to do it – but I’m taking the leap now 🙂

If I am currently following your blog, I’m working on re-following it from my new blog which is still be hosted by WordPress.  Thank you so much for all of your support over the years and I look forward to “seeing” you on my new blog!

Special Delivery for Monday’s New Moon!

5 Jul

drinksMonday’s a big day when it comes to the planets – Astrology style ;-)   First we’ve got Saturn who’s turning direction which is a big event in itself.  You can read more about that here.  Secondly, we’ve got a pretty powerful New Moon in 16 degrees Cancer and this could bring some good stuff our way.  There’s a lot of ”planetary punch” behind this something “new” that you could be thinking of starting.

Now, when I’m talking about punch I mean the smooth, sweet, delicious kind.  Think of yourself sipping your favorite cocktail on the beach with a waiter at your beck and call eager to deliver a refill.  Wow you say … and the planets say wow back ;-)   Yes it’s a grand occurrence and the reason for this easiness is because we’ll have the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter AND Neptune all working together in a savory kind of way.  Just think of that cocktail with the pretty little umbrella and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

All the Water signs, which include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, will likely feel the planetary benefits the most – however every sign could benefit. Everyone deserves a drink in my opinion but only some of us will really get one ;-)  It all depends where 16 degrees Cancer falls in your chart and which planets will be sparked by this New Moon.

The good news is that we’re in calm planetary territory now which is well deserved after all the planetary turmoil we’ve endured in the last few months.  However, even though things are beginning to balance out, some of us may feel a big push to start something new (primarily because of Saturn’s movement forward).  Whatever it is you’ve been pondering (possibly since February) this is the time to go for it.  It may come to you a lot easier that you think.  If luck has anything to do with it – things could just fall into your lap while you sip on that delicious cocktail and signal your waiter to bring another ;-)

Saturn in Scorpio About to Turn Direct With Jupiter and Neptune Sweetening the Deal

29 Jun

cv_99_37472Saturn is an interesting planet.  He’s a sour lemon and probably would always pass on dessert because he never indulges.  Most often we tend to dislike him and certainly for good reason (who doesn’t like dessert after all!).  However, every once and again we’re glad for the grounding he can create in our lives and I think one of those times is coming up.  Saturn’s about to turn direction and start moving forward!

My interesting friend, Saturn, is all about Scorpio right now since this is the sign he’s living in.  Scorpio’s skin is challenging Saturn to look at intimacy issues as well as control and domination.  We may even be feeling some of these challenges in our own lives in some way or another because of his presence in the secretive yet powerful sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio doesn’t want to give in but Saturn is going to make him in some way or another.

This is what happens when Saturn moves through a sign – he demands reform and makes sure that he fixes things so that our lives will be more balanced and efficient.  We may think we have all of these things in certain areas – but Saturn disagrees as he move through your chart.  He’s the radar detector looking for speeders – ready to stop you in route and give you a big fat ticket.

Right now Saturn –  aka: task master, beast of burden, boss, reformer, authority figure, father time, malefic, planet of challenge, disciplinarian, etc. – is getting reading to start moving forward.  This is pretty huge because he’s been moving backwards, or retrograde, since about mid February.  Some of us have kind of felt a little stuck since that time.  You can actually think back to what happened to you then and all that you’ve learned since.  You’ll soon be using that knowledge to move ahead.

What Saturn’s move forward means is that many of us may be getting ready to take big leaps in our lives – or perhaps become more courageous in taking charge and being able to accomplish what we want.  We’re going to be ready to take what we’ve learned since February and apply it to accomplishing our goals now.  I realize that taking a leap into new territory isn’t exactly easy – but I guess that’s Saturn for you!  He never makes anything easy.

This turn, however, is special because something really neat is about to happen right around the same time that Saturn turns direct.  His energy will likely be exactly what he usually isn’t – easy.  This is going to work in wonderful ways for many of us – because he’ll have some major planetary help at that time.  He’ll be operating in something special called a Grand Trine with Jupiter (the lucky planet) and Neptune (the creative planet) and this combination is not only lucky but will likely balance Saturn’s harsh ways.  It’s kind of like adding some “fluff” or something sugary sweet to the bitter planet.

The Grand Trine, which is a configuration of 3 planets in a harmonious and lucky combination, will be peaking around July 17th – 19th.  However, we’ll be feeling it’s positive effects for a good part of July and it will likely begin with Saturn’s turn around the 7th.  There’s also going to be a New Moon in Cancer right around then (on the 8th) which will only add to Saturn’s big move in positive ways.

So I must say I’m looking forward to Saturn’s turn.  I will also say that I’m pretty thankful that Jupiter and Neptune will be sweetening the deal – because I’m all about dessert ;-)

This is a Woman’s World Echoes Jupiter’s Entrance into Cancer

25 Jun

CHERCher had exquisite timing in her new single release entitled “This is a Woman’s World.”  I heard the tune a few days ago and I must admit it’s quite catchy.  I couldn’t help but crank up the volume in my car as I listened.  It made me proud to be a woman and it made me feel like I’m living in a time where women rule.  It’s pretty amazing how one of music’s most popular woman icons decided to make a come back just as Jupiter hits the sign of Cancer.  It’s not only Astrologically appropriate but echoes precisely what Jupiter is going to do as he glides through the sign of Cancer over the next year or so. If Jupiter in Cancer was a person, he’d be in my car listening to Cher’s new song too.  His vibe would be all about celebrating women and all their courage and beauty.  He’d be clapping and dancing around – all pumped up in the vibe.Jupiter in Cancer is going to work really well for alot of us.  The planet of abundance operates well in the sign of Cancer so this should end up manifesting in a good way in our lives.  A lot of things will likely benefit from the passage including real estate, family matters, mothers, our homes, inheritances, legacies and most of all anything relating to women.

Over the next few months I’m sure we’ll hear more things in the media celebrating women.  We’ll probably hear more powerful women speak their voices and people will likely listen.  As a woman myself I’m excited for it and eager to see just what else Jupiter in Cancer is about to deliver.  For the moment, I’m going to continue to crank up my radio every time “This is a Woman’s World” comes on.  I can’t help to think of Jupiter singing along with me too ;-)

So go ahead and get in the spirit – crank up your volume – and listen!

June’s Supercharged Full Moon Delivers Power vs. Love

20 Jun

love_powerJune’s Full Moon is rapidly approaching and I bet you are likely feeling the effects right about now if it’s touching your chart significantly.   My reason for saying that is because this is a SuperMoon, which in laymen’s terms is basically a supercharged full moon.

Full Moons occur when the Moon opposes the Sun so there’s always a “push-pull” of two different energies during that time.  In this case, the Moon will be in Capricorn  (2 degrees to be precise) and the Sun will be in Cancer.  The opposition of the planets creates a face off. If your chart is triggered you end up feeling the battle of energies in your own life.

So what does a battle or face off between Capricorn and Cancer look like?  Well, in order to answer that we have to understand those signs a little better. Capricorn is all about power and looking good – he’s the buttoned up super good looking business man that will do anything to climb his way to the top of the ladder.  Power and prestige is something he’ll risk anything to get.  He’s the voice that whispers …. “I don’t care who gets upset – this has to be done.”

Now Cancer is anything but that …. you can think of this sign as the exact opposite!  Cancer will forget to take care of herself in order to take care of somebody else.  She doesn’t care about power or prestige and would die a thousand deaths before letting anything harm her loved ones.  Close connections and intimacy with others is what she yearns for.  She’s the voice that whispers ….. “I’ll make everything better.”

It’s an interesting power struggle and since I’m a visual person, I’m picturing a stay at home mom duking it out with a powerful CEO.  If your chart is triggered by this Supermoon – then somewhere in your life you’ll be having this battle.  The “stay at home mom” within you will be battling it out with that “CEO.”  Each has merit and their own way of getting things done – but the winner can only be determined by you.

Compromise and balance is key with any full moon.   That stay at home mom is going to have to learn to take a little help from others and that powerful CEO is going to have to learn to give something back.   The Supermoon occurs during the very early hours of Sunday morning so you’ll likely feel the effects most intensely on Saturday.  How it will play out for each of us is the big mystery to soon be revealed 😉

How the Planets Will Help You Get to the Places You’ll Go in Life

19 Jun

Oh,_the_Places_You'll_GoI’m sure many of us have read the classic, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Suess.  It pops up a lot around this time of year, especially, since there’s alot of students (of all ages) graduating from various schools.  This fun and whitty book is a nice little token to anyone embarking on a life directional change – which is typically the case when we finish a school and have to head out into the wide open world.

Now being that I’m an astrologer, I can’t help but connect this particular time of graduations and ceremonies with astrology and the planets.  Anytime our life direction changes – whether it be graduating from high school, college or even getting a new job or meeting a significant person – there is something that shows up in our astrology charts that triggers these changes. I absolutely love seeing these “sparks” because when they pop up – something new is always on the horizon for the person.

One of the most special astrological places that reveals life directional changes is called our Midheaven.  It is placed at the very peak of our astrological charts and shows where we can shine in the public eye.  Our Midheavens are ruled over by a certain sign of the zodiac and that is a clue for what we’re “born” to do in life career wise.  Our Midheavens are afterall determined by your exact time of birth.

It reveals what we’d do best when picking a professoin – as well as where we would thrive the best and what would make us happiest.  Unfortunately, some of us don’t get to do precisely what we want and the issue of compromise always comes into the play at some point or another.  It nice to take a look at it though and find out what you’d really excel in.  Deep down we always know the answers anway but some of us have a hard time seeing our talents and this is where Astrology can be so beneficial.  Even if you can’t pick a profession that astrologically suits you, it is always possible to incorporate your “planetary talents” into something in your life regardless if it makes you money or not.

Each time one of the moving planets triggers our Midheaven, or the planet that is connected to it, a life directional change can happen.  A New Moon, Full Moon or eclipse on your Midheaven is another fascinating trigger and I’ve seen lots of things occur when  it gets highlighted by the Moon in all of these different ways.  It’s always up to us to decide whether or not to take the new road the planets paved for us.  This is where the matter of free will comes into play.

I have seen many people decide to pass opportunities up because they don’t really see them as such at the time.  One of the benefits of astrology is that you can note each time your Midheaven is triggered and realize that something may be an opportunity even though you don’t realize it in the moment.  Many times when you look back, you are more aware that whatever happened at that time started something entirely new for you.  One of the misconceptions about Astrology is that it’s all about the future – but in all honesty there’s a great deal of the past that comes into play as well 😉

Lastly, it’s important to remember that opportunities can come when we least expect it.  Even though you may not realize it,  the planets are always aligning to do something to push us further along our path and get us closer to the places we need to go.  Sometimes endings are beginnings and challenges are opportunities.  Each time our direction changes the planets are part of it in some way or another.  They are always there in some way or another trying to help us get to the places we need to go!

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